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10 stars are competing to be the next James Bond

Speculation has been rife as to who will replace Daniel Craig as the iconic 007 agent. Who will be the lucky one?

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Here are 10 more nominees to play James Bond:

Aidan Turner

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The Poldark star is among the favorites to land the role of James Bond. But the main interested party, who is 38 years old, won’t let the rumors pass. “It’s someone else taking over the role for the time being. I will think about it when the time comes,” he said. Dailymail.

Tom Holland

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Very popular on social networks, the interpretation of Spider-Man can help 007 become popular among 18- to 34-year-olds. “Eventually, as a young, film-loving Briton, I want to be James Bond,” the 25-year-old said. Difference. “The suit suits me very well!” Holland was also approached to play a young James Bond in a failed project.

Idris Elba

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The counter is ticking for the British star who, at 49, still dreams of playing secret agents. “James Bond is a beloved, iconic and sought-after character that allows audiences to get away from it all. If someone asked me if I wanted to play James Bond, I would say yes. But it’s not what I thought,” the actor told the magazine. Useless fair.

Reggae-Jean page

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The 34-year-old London star made a splash in his debut season in the Bridgerton series. Rumors were enough to carry the machine: what if Paige was the next James Bond? “Ah, the famous B-word… I’m glad people thought of me, but the idea of ​​making a plan at this point in history seems a bit ridiculous to me,” he told the Daily Mail. The glass.

Henry Cavill

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The 39-year-old actor was close to succeeding Pierce Brosnan in Gambling Royale, but his then young age – 23 – hurt him. “Time will tell,” he says in the pages. Sunday Times. I’m happy to say that we don’t know which direction they want to take Bond, so anything is possible. Cavill is one of four serious candidates announced by Variety on April 30.

Tom Hardy

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The English actor, who is accustomed to the first roles, is one of the favorites among the moviegoers to replace Daniel Craig. The 44-year-old star also received the unexpected support of a former secret agent interpreter. “I think Tom Hardy would make a good James Bond. An actor who can do things is needed. That’s what makes a real Bond!” said Pierce Brosnan Dailymail.

Robert Pattinson

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After playing the heartbeat Dusk And flirting with independent cinema, the Batman interpreter is now one of the biggest names in Hollywood… and candidates to replace Craig. The 35-year-old actor collaborated with Christopher Nolan in the film TenetHe is one of the filmmakers in the running to make the next Agent 007 movie.

Michael Fassbender

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Fassbender seems perfect for the role of a secret agent. His portrayal of Lt. Archibald Hickox in the 2009 film Inglourious Basterds made him a top contender among moviegoers. However, the 45-year-old actor said that he was not interested in the role of Agent 007. In 2016, he even publicly wanted the producers to turn to a young actor …

Sam Hagun

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Like Sean Connery, memorable as Bond, the 42-year-old actor is Scottish. Thanks to the series, he was pushed into the limelight A foreignerIt is one of the favorite to play secret agents. “I don’t think any actor wants the role, I think Bill is lying. And it’s time to get Scotland Bond again,” he told STV News.

Jacob Elordi

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On April 30, the magazine Difference Daniel Craig mentioned the name of the 24-year-old Australian actor among the shortlisted candidates. Appeared in the HBO series EuphoriaHowever, the young man may be troubled by his age. George Lazenby, the youngest James Bond actor in history, was 30 years old when the film was released. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service In 1969

A decision that takes time

Franchise manufacturer James Bond, Barbara Broccoli, has no intention of rushing things. Indeed, she told the magazine. Difference The name of the lucky winner will be announced in due course. “It is an important decision. It still takes some time. The question is not just about giving the role to someone. It is also a reflection of the direction we want to take.

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