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+1,000% in a year – crypto giant FTX is growing

Growth is life. We grow or we die – FTX understood this well and applies this maxim of the former CEO of Nike to the letter. Would it be possible to grow forever? Certainly not. But 2022 will be a crucial year for the growing exchange!

Unofficial announcement

The announcement is not official, internal documents would be “filtered”. FTX has neither denounced nor confirmed these figures. But if they are real, they confirm trend recorded in 2021, and portend a very good end of the year for the company Bankman Fried.

Of 89 million dollars in 2021, FTX revenue would be exceeded billion in the second quarter of 2022. This increase of more than 1000% is a logical continuation of the very good evolution from 2020 to 2021, where the platform multiplied its net profit by 22, from 17 to 388 million dollars.

Many punters are warning that this remarkable rise happened during the peak of the crypto market, and that, as a friend who lives in the north would say, winter is coming!

The crypto winter has done a lot of damage to platforms such as Coinbase in the past, whose revenue fell 64% compared to a year earlier.

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FTX per month

The post therefore follows, sure to be quickly confirmed (or cancelled). If the given numbers are good, it will prove that FTX is continuing his dizzying rise and that it will continue to occupy the second place of the platform podium, right behind Binance.

Its CEO, Bankman Fried continues with acquisitions, strengthening its positions in various areas. He made a name for himself a few weeks ago by offering to help BlockFi then Travel Digital who refused his offer. Bithumb he would also find himself within sight of the young prodigy.
But that doesn’t stop the businessman from chaining up successes, especially by getting a license MFA in Dubai.

Without a doubt, the platform and its CEO are currently growing empirewhich is on its way to becoming Google Web 3. I’m blundering tomorrows are being built today, and FTX is well positioned to take the lead.

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