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2035: Hack goes from high school to billionaire [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2035? – Ours favorite crypto will it disappear or will it be more than ever at the heart of our lives? Will the Bitcoin blockchain change the face of the world? We had fun, through little stories, imagining our world in the not-so-distant future. The story that follows is fictionalized, imaginary, without any pretension to foresee the future. Have fun with us and immerse yourself in ours new summer format. Board the DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

A multi-block world…

October 27, 2035. Gymnasium Gustave Eiffel in Bordeaux, 11.30 am.

Tom Aker twirls his pencil between his fingers for the thousandth time in at least an hour. This philosophy course is to die for. He takes his Blockphone out of his pocket and spends a few minutes scanning the news on Googleth, an old search engine recently acquired by the foundation Ethereum. Goal? Implement complete anonymity of user data on the Internet.

Suddenly a notification pops up. It’s a tweet from Journal du Coin.

Solarnak blockchain hack100th since creation.

This time is different, almost two billion dollars went up in smoke, the situation is critical…”

13:00 – Sitting in the cafeteria, Tom is lost in thought. In 5 years, blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies have exploded, turning the world into an interconnected and pseudonymous network. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft… GAFAMs are giants from an old age that are now obsolete. the web3 crashed web2.

A revolution started by Ethereum, the undisputed master of the new world, supported by Layers 2 such as Polygon and rolls like StarkWare.

Avalanche, Elrond, Polkadot each managed to attract their communities. The world is 2035 multi blockchain.

2035, an interconnected world where all blockchains coexist

Tom’s cell phone vibrates. ‘Hackers hacked in order?’ titles Journal du Coin.

“The funds held by the hackers are gone…”

– Haha, it’s not trivial, Klement slips, he’s sitting across the road.

— It’s clear, a hacker who gets hacked is a shame…

17:40 – His nose glued to his Blockphone, Tom walks down rue Carpenteyre towards the Porte de la Monnaie. He is immersed in the new trendy Play2Earn, BattleBot Royale. Then a notice catches his eye. Message on MetaMaskbook.


Stunned, Tom doesn’t understand. He sees the D tram coming, he’ll think about it later. He quickly starts running to reach the platform in time.

18:15 – Arriving at his house in Bouscat, he threw his bag at the foot of the stairs and rushed to his room.

– Hi Tom, did your day at school go well?

It’s Dianaartificial intelligence of the house which had just been activated upon his arrival. Tom ignores it, rushes off to his office. His DigitalVR computer scans his face and then starts up. Tom logs in via fingerprint on MetaMaskbook. 3717 unread messages. Far from the usual 25 notifications per day. He reads first.

“Refund Solarnak”

“You are a thief, we have you…”

“You Can’t Hide”

Tom is sweating profusely.

“But what’s going on?” panicked angry.

Then he comes across the volume of his wallet MetaMask.

USDC 1,956,047,283.

>> Disappointed that you didn’t discover a large amount was mistakenly deposited into your wallet? Return to earth and register on PrimeXBT (commercial link) <

… getting hacked soon?

Tom falls backwards. Lying on the ground, he tries to slow down his breathing. His heart is pounding against his chest.

— Don’t panic, MetaMaskbook is a pseudonym, trying to calm down. No one can know who I am and where I live. Well, I believe… But why the hell did he get this money? Opposing thoughts are pushed in it. Dreams of wealth, panic, guilt…

Tom sees an astronomical sum on his metamask and realizes that thanks to this hack he has suddenly become a billionaire by mistake.
Tom is stunned by his discovery. He became a billionaire!


“Tom, sit down!” call his mother.

Tom joins the kitchen and settles down in silence, listening to the TV news with one ear.

– While a major hack just happened on the Solarnak blockchain, we learn with irony that the hackers lost the stolen funds… According to experts, this is a stupid typo. Wanting to divert funds to their ‘Atom’ MetaMaskbook, they actually transferred them to an ‘ATom’ account. An unfortunate and rather funny mistake. However, the question remains… Who is this mysterious ATom?

20:20 – Tom barely swallows his mother’s delicious potatoes. Should he tell his parents? Suddenly a voice on the TV catches his attention.

— … Fredy Banksaman, at the microphone of Carole Lanews, our correspondent on the spot in front of the Solarnak office.

– This is where their big boss is speaking! The one who never leaves his office… is surprised by Tom’s father.

— … we are asking the person who goes by the nickname ‘Atom’ to kindly send the funds back to Solarnak as soon as possible, otherwise the entire global network will collapse… This is not a request to be taken lightly, we are truly on the brink.

— Can Ethereum be influenced? Carole wonders. Our network is so fragile?

“Unfortunately, that is the plain truth. Ethereum, avalanche, Elrond… This hack should never have been possible and yet… Our interconnectedness was truly addictive. Dependence on the trust our users have in the network.

Carol raised an eyebrow. Fredy continues his explanation.

— Take for example the DansmaZone delivery app that made headlines recently. For the first time in 5 years, they failed to deliver their customers in less than an hour. Trust is destroyed. Pure and simple. The price of their competitor DelivreTout soared while theirs fell to the ground. Here, of course, we are not talking about the stock market price, but about the system on which our society rests.

“So if you don’t get your money back, our whole system could collapse tomorrow?”

— In a world that has become as complex as ours, even the smallest grain of sand in the gears can stop the machine. And today this flight is not a grain of sand, it is a pebble.

Because of this theft, the whole system could collapse.
Is the system ready to collapse if Tom doesn’t return the money?

22:35 – Lying in bed, Tom thought. His parents have already told him that they will not be able to pay for his studies, which have become unaffordable for him.

They rent a small apartment for 2500 eUSD per month and kill themselves at work 10 hours a day. This money could change everything…

23:53 – Impossible to sleep. Tom turns his computer back on and opens his MetaMaskbook wallet. Type Solarnak and click Send. The lead screed on his shoulders evaporated. The system may collapse soon, but it is out of the question that he is responsible for it.

23:59 – Tom falls asleep in seconds.

On his desk, his laptop screen suddenly lights up. A new tweet from the Journal du Coin ‘Ethereum suspected of being hacked in return’

“The global monetary system is about to collapse…”

We’ve seen it with the various bridge hacks that have happened this year, interconnecting different blockchains is a risky process. While it is likely to be a trend for the next few years, incidents are bound to happen along the way. The security of our future networks is therefore one of the most important the main challenges of the future, even more so if they are brought to democratization in order to adapt to our entire monetary system. The stakes for the future are therefore colossal and should certainly not be taken lightly.

In the crypto as in the dentist, the bridge can be painful. Opt for peace of mind and automate your orders thanks to Copy-Trading. Register now on the PrimeXBT platform (commercial link).

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