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A director already has a movie in mind for the next 007 (and we’re very curious)

Edgar Wright spoke about his desire to direct the next Bond, arguing that he already has a project ready to present to producers.

The question of Daniel Craig’s successor in the iconic spy in the 007 tuxedo at the end of the meat if we asked ourselves clearly. Dying can wait.Another similar question is troubling us now. Who will lead the next Bond? Many big names in production have announced in the media here and there that they are interested in directing the next adventure of Britain’s most famous secret agent.

And if many dream of seeing Nolan stick it out, we learned in a recent podcast. Happy sad confusion With a new Cador taking over from Cary Fukunaga, the Bondian iteration has amassed more than $525 million at the global box office (and Cary is in the process of taking over the long-abandoned project with another excellent. filmmaker).

Did Craig leave the most indelible mark on Bond’s character?

This mysterious director is none other than Edgar Wright.. He Having volunteered to undertake the grueling task of succeeding Bondian decades beyond success, he had to lead a new espionage operation that shared British citizenship with patriotic pride.

“You have to understand that a James Bond film in England is a bit like being at a football World Cup final. There’s a lot of patriotic pride for Bond. Daniel Craig left an indelible mark on the franchise that forced him to take a different path. Because I don’t think there’s anything to be gained by continuing his life, I think maybe it’s worth trying, and … I mean, I have something ready for Bond, and if you ask me, I’ll go. Tell them, so I will not speak […]”

Photo, David Denchick“Hello Ms. Broccoli? Yes, there is another talented director who wants to do Bond.”

Edgar Wright has been very vocal about his picks, or rather, what he doesn’t want to see in a future franchise tackle.

“Listen, I have nothing against Tom Hardy or Michael Fassbender, but when I hear their name being thrown around, I’m like, ‘Ah, that sounds too much like Craig to me.’

Additionally, Wright offers a curious analogy to describe the nature of what the next Bond should be. for him, Bond is dark and full-bodied chocolate or, on the contrary, milk chocolate is very smooth. And he wants the character to alternate between his tough, dark character (as portrayed by Craig) and his sly side, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. Anyway, Edgar Wright will therefore be on the phone with Barbara Broccoli and her producers.

Photo, Anya Taylor-JoyAnya Taylor-Joy Future James Bond Girl?

From our side, it’s definitely a big yes. Wright had a mixed experience with blockbusters. When he retired from productionAnt man (all the same recognized in the feature film), but he did not stop presenting such innovative projects. Scott Pilgrim, Baby driver Or Cornetto Trilogy (commonly called the Association Shaund of the Dead, Hot fuzz And The last bar before the end of the world).

Most recently, he proved his Olympic form and flamboyant personality in a documentary on the Sparks Brothers team, and it’s sure to make more than one audience shiver as it turns into a horror and fantasy thriller. Last night in Soho. So we wish him to conquer the moon and become the lucky winner of the massive Royal League that promises to control the next Bond.


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