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A jump in behavior in July


  • Marketers seem to think the party is over for things.
  • Good products give back.
  • Product size reduces the difference.

Ingredients: first will be last

After a strong start to the year, things turned sour for investors in July. Power in the mind. The results of the second quarter of the oil industry are in full swing… but investors believe that the best is over.

July in red for many things

Financial models: quality pays

Files with a small “good” flag are ahead in July, and the beginning of all other types of investments. The MSCI ACWI index includes many US stocks: Microsoft, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, UnitedHealth and Nvidia are the top weights. MSCI selects stocks in the index based on quality based on return on equity, stable annual income and low volatility. Zonebourse subscribers can find a list of related securities here.

Good sales win in July

Good sales win in July

Globally: China lags behind

The beginning of the summer is difficult for emerging markets, traders prefer to return to traditional places to try to recover after the big penalties of the beginning of the year, when the fear of growth is happening. MSCI China brings back, after recovering in June.

MSCI China has lost 7% since July 1

MSCI China has lost 7% since 1er July

Matches: size rules

In the old duel between growth stocks and value stocks, the former has done better since the beginning of the month. It makes sense, as investors are once again willing to take risks. But since 1er In January, the price won, although it is in the negative territory (-5% vs -15%).

Growth gains 7% to 0.5%

Growth gains 7% to 0.5%

European Cup: Greece and Scandinavia in the final

On the European markets, the indices of Spain and Italy bring back July, but the honor of the south is safe thanks to the Athens Stock Exchange, which is on the OMX Nordic section. The CAC40 completes the podium.

Various activities

Various activities

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