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A new financial perspective that combines the real world and the blockchain?

Decentralized financing projects are flooding the market every day. Technological evolution brings new changes to the crypto industry and investors are looking for the best deals. So what would you say if you were offered a financial primitive to create a synthetic asset of the same value as real-world assets?

Synthetix, a revolutionary platform?

The crypto sector is subject to many forces. In such a competitive and complex field, development is the best option to stay on top. The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is forcing creators to rethink their codes to make it easier to invest and use the blockchain.

With the difficulties the sector is currently facing, Synthetix is ​​positioned as the best option when it comes to DeFi projects. Based on Ethereum, the blockchain-based distributed asset insurance protocol, formerly known as Havven, offers users a new financial primitive.

Indeed, the protocol enables a completely new functionality to its users, the issuance and trading of decentralized synthetic assets. The Synthetix ecosystem provides liquidity to underlying assets. This, while offering a high level of accessibility to new trading strategies and traditional financial means.

Furthermore, it can also provide capital for various components of the ecosystem to traders as a reward. In addition, the DeFi protocol also allows users to participate in the ecosystem even if they do not own any assets offered by the platform. How? Through its exposure to a wide range of crypto and non-crypto assets through a decentralized method.

Strong partnerships to better understand cryptocurrencies

The cryptosphere is full of many contours that you need to know if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, Synthetix does not only offer cryptographic services. Indeed, the protocol allows investors to trade, mint and hold several derivative products.

But also stocks, commodities and even fiat currencies. They can also do this for certain cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. To achieve its goals, the open source protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain has surrounded itself with several associates. Among others, Bungee exchange and Socket.

All these partnerships have one goal, to enable users to collect funds from and to Optimism. Currently, there are more and more partnerships between different platforms to improve their offerings and satisfy their customers. Moreover, the development of Ethereum could also have a positive impact on the Synthetix ecosystem in the long run.

cryptocurrency development, Web3 and DeFi forces creators to seek and find new methods to better attract investors. With the sector gaining a little more space every day, Synthetix functionality will undoubtedly be an asset. Indeed, exposure to real assets on the blockchain could only be beneficial!

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