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A year after the return of the Taliban, the Afghan leader jumped back

90% of Afghan families do not have enough to eat and most of the population suffers from severe malnutrition (here Afghan women and their children beg on the streets of Kabul). Zohra Bensemra / REUTERS

great story – Oppression of women, collusion with terrorist activities, economic destruction… the Taliban has plunged the country into a dark mess.

He wanted to wear Afghanistan’s colors at all costs: at the top of K2, the second highest mountain in the world, located on the borders of Pakistan and China. In late spring, persecuted by the Taliban, Aliakbar Saki left Kabul under a cloud of smoke. He died in July, without oxygen but in fresh air. His body was laid to rest there on the Iranian co-ordinated mountain, where the Afghan banner was hoisted next to the Iranian banner.

“Wish me well!” (“Good luck!”) The young mountaineer had written to him. FigaroJust before going to the mountains. Today the message disappeared. The encrypted messaging app is programmed to delete conversations after a few hours. In his first meeting with Le Figaro Last February in the capital of Afghanistan, thirty people escaped through a toilet window…

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