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According to Daniel Craig, shooting Dying was a bit of a mess.

Daniel Craig explains the situation. Dying can wait.The new James Bond was rewritten day by day during filming.

Dying can wait. Make a mark An unprecedented double change for Her Majesty’s favorite spy. With the film slated to run from April to November 2020, then spring 2021, and finally fall 2021, MGM (Metro Goldwyn Myer Company), one of the production companies behind the cult franchise, was bought for $8.45 billion. On Amazon, at the end of last May.

Beyond the business sector, Dying can wait. It has to be the ultimate definition of a martini addict by Daniel Craig. So thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the film’s release has been postponed for its 15th anniversary. Casino RoyaleHe first appeared as Bond on screen in 2006. The conclusion we expect will be in the form of apotheosis, but in the end we know littleExcept that the characters of Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Leia Seydoux and Christoph Waltz will return.

As the latest trailers show, it is clear. Dying can wait. It includes the story of Bond’s nemesis, a kidnapped scientist played by Rami Malek and his Phantom of the Opera mask, as well as Bond’s new great love before Madeleine Swann’s character betrays him. SpectrumPlayed by Leia Seydoux. Apart from this, The doubt is still relatively complete and the reason for this may not be the only strict production lock.

Dying can wait for a few rewrites.

Indeed, in the podcast posted on the official YouTube channel Dying can wait., Daniel Craig, the film crew.Constantly adjusting and adjusting the script“During filming. This information may be a bad sign, but it seems reasonable when you know that the film changed the scriptwriter and director several times before the shooting began. Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Flea bag) was specifically employed to verify the conversations. Additionally, the film should reveal more about Bond’s life leading up to his return. Casino Royalethat is A great programming puzzle.

Photo, Daniel CraigDaniel Craig in Casino Royale

The real question must have made the group’s head spin., Daniel Craig’s Bond is a potential death.. The symbolic death of one of the translators will be the first in the history of the franchise and the door to the unknown. Will we be entitled to 008? 000? For Naomie Harris and Lashana Lynch to be a duo of super badass spies? Only the future and the film’s October 6, 2021 release will tell..

Either way, we’re glad it’s Cary Fukunaga who finally got the baby back. Let it be his series ManiacSeason 1 ofA real detective, where Nationless beasts With former Bond rival Idris Elba We can clearly advise you to jump on the job.


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