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According to the producers of The Saga, Daniel Craig deserved an Oscar nomination.

The producers of No Time To Die appreciated Daniel Craig’s Oscar nomination, congratulating him on his departure from the James Bond saga.

baseline b Oscar 2022 It is approaching fast. But James Bond will not be this year. At least Daniel Craig. Of course, the actor was not engaged for his performance in He has no time to die. A real challenge if we are to believe the latest announcements of the franchise producers. Indeed, the latter appreciates that the Academy has been saluting the actor for his investment in the spy skin over the years. But no. Despite the phenomenal success of his latest opus at the international box office, James Bond did not capture the attention of the judges. Except for the second categories.

No Oscar for Daniel Craig – Credit: Universal/MGM

Unfair for many, understandable for others, this choice divides supporters and experts. Because was Craig’s performance ultimately worth the speculative statue?

James Bond will not shine at the 2022 Oscars.

For producer Barbara Broccoli, Craig was recognized for more than his profession. According to her, he is not only James Bond but also a great actor. for sure, He has no time to die He received three nominations, but that was not enough. From any point of view, franchise innovation teams. “He doesn’t even get reprimanded, it’s still unbelievable.” So broccoli hammer.

Arguably, Craig’s performance does not count as a dramatic performance. For many, James Bond is a “physical” role, not an emotional one. However, the final Bonds situation succeeds in giving pride to the character’s psyche. But this does not seem to be enough for his profession. Now everyone hopes that the future 007 will take the helm of the ship in the best possible way.

Disappointingly, this choice continues to be discussed in the center and on the networks. Craig, for his part, is still tight-lipped about his feelings on the matter.

Source: Screenrant

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