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After Twitter and Facebook.. YouTube lifts ban on Trump #Technology #YouTube #Trump

YouTube said Friday that it will restore former US President Donald Trump’s channel more than two years after he suspended it following the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

The move follows similar actions by Twitter and Meta, Facebook’s parent company, in recent months, yet Trump has not posted on those platforms again. It also follows Trump’s announcement last fall that he would run for president again in 2024.

“We have carefully assessed the continued risk of violence in the real world, while balancing the opportunity for voters to hear equally about key national candidates in the run-up to the election,” YouTube said in a series of tweets posted on Friday.

YouTube initially suspended Trump’s channel after the riot at the Capitol, saying a video on the channel violated his policy against incitement to violence. Since then, Trump’s account has been banned from uploading new videos or going live.

YouTube also disabled comments under videos on Trump’s channel, which appears to have been restored on Friday. Immediately after his account was restored, several users began posting “hello again” comments on his old videos.

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And while YouTube was not previously Trump’s favorite social platform, the revitalization of his channel will restore his reach on the massive video streaming platform, where his account boasts more than 2.6 million subscribers.

As more platforms unlock Trump’s accounts, some also argue that he still faces restrictions on what he can post, with the possibility of another suspension.

In its statement, YouTube said that Trump’s channel “will continue to be subject to our policies, just like any other channel on YouTube.” YouTube has a violation policy whereby channels can be progressively suspended based on the number and severity of the violations they commit.

Meanwhile, Meta said last month that it had implemented new protections on Trump’s account that could lead to him being suspended again if he breaks company rules.

For now, the former president continues to post only on his own platform, Truth Social, which was launched after his accounts were suspended on major social media platforms.

On Friday, Trump posted a series of six videos on the platform (Truth Social), including several repeated claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

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