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AMD is already working on future “next-gen” PlayStations and Xboxes

More than a year and a half after their release, are you still having trouble getting your hands on the new PS5 and/or Xbox Series X? this”normal“, and the situation should not improve for many months. If Sony, like Microsoft, soon offers a revision of their respective consoles, next to AMD, we are already working to develop future SoCs that will animate the next generation of consoles.

AMD is already working on the future Xbox and PlayStation

Indeed, a job offer published on the LinkedIn network did not go unnoticed, the latter indicating that the team behind the design of chips for Xbox and PlayStation (AMD) is looking for new talent “for developing a next-generation chip”. So the firm is looking for an engineer specializing in the design of SoCs.

Note that both Sony and Microsoft have been collaborating with AMD for many years. If the PS4 and Xbox One (and even the Xbox 360) are already powered by AMD, so is the new PS5 and Xbox series. If it’s clear that AMD is already preparing SoCs for the future Xbox and PlayStation, remember that Sony and Microsoft will soon offer an “intermediate” generation (PS5 Pro type).

Obviously, the new SoC signed by AMD will lead to more powerful consoles. Keep in mind that the AMD Zen 2 embedded in the Xbox Series X tops out at 12 Tflops, but will soon celebrate its two year anniversary (already). The new generation chip will particularly benefit from a new multi-chip module type design, with a (raw) power that can reach up to 70 tflops!

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Looking forward to the arrival of the future PS6 and Xbox “next father“, we still hope that Sony, like Microsoft, will manage to sell enough consoles in stores very quickly, with many players still unable to get their hands on a PS5 or an Xbox Series X…

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