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And in the end, it’s power that wins


  • And the winner is … power, again.
  • In Europe, DAX and IBEX are doing well.
  • Betting on stocks with low multiples (value) and not growth (growth) still works in 2022.

Regional Events: Nothing New

Since the beginning of May, Japan and Latin America have dominated the geographic charts, while other regions have been in a tight pocket around the corner.

Materials: Energy, etc

The beginning of May is similar to the beginning of the year for electricity prices: they are moving longer. It has also been noted that agricultural prices have fallen and fears of a recession are weighing on the industrial sector. These fears are also expected to increase oil prices, but it is the imbalance between supply and demand that has dictated its rule for several months.

Power, etc

The Sector Top / Flop: Energy, and others

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Power, etc. (Bis)

Value: Value is DAX higher

Finally, two graphs on recent market trends. The first one shows that the “price” trend is continuing the “growth” trend in May. The second is a list of European indices starting from 1er perhaps. Index competition gives DAX and IBEX the winners. In fact, the performance of these indices may not be the same since some include earnings and not others (for example: DAX includes earnings and not CAC40).


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