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Apple may allow you to remove its Wallet app

As we approach the iPhone 14 launch date, the development of the iOS 16 operating system continues. As a reminder, this was launched by the Cupertino company in June, at their annual WWDC conference. And in the meantime, while waiting for release, the operating system is being tested in beta.

And exactly, as the website 9To5Mac reported, Apple has just released the seventh beta version for developers iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.1 beta. These new beta versions do not include any new features.

However, according to the site, when digging into the code of iPadOS 16.1, it would have found things that indicate that in this future version, the Apple Wallet application can be removed from the operating system. And by the way, we can assume that this will also be possible on iOS 16.1 (at the moment Apple is still working on iOS 16.0).

As a reminder, Wallet is an application that Apple wants to replace your wallet, by storing your bank cards, medical documents, documents, or car and door keys.

Currently, the program cannot be removed. But apparently, that will change soon. It goes without saying that if you remove Wallet, if possible, you will no longer have access to other iPhone features. But if you don’t use Wallet, uninstalling the app can help you save storage space.

At this point, all of this has yet to be confirmed. But the decision to make Wallet deleted on the iPhone and iPad can be connected to the problems that Apple has with the European regulator, as well as in the United States.

Apple Pay is in the hands of the European Commission

Indeed, the European Commission is investigating Apple’s restrictions, which prevent competitor Apple Pay from accessing the iPhone’s NFC functionality.

In May, the Commission notified Apple of its initial recommendations “that the company has abused its position in the mobile market for iOS devices”.

“By limiting access to the level of technology used for contactless payments via a mobile phone at the point of sale (‘Near Field Communication’, ‘NFC’ or ‘Tap and Go’), Apple is restricting competition in mobile wallets on iOS »can we read in the Commission’s publications.

And jealousy is also growing in the United States, as complaints have been filed there on the same grounds.

All this happens at a time when, exactly, Apple is very interested in financial services. In the United States, in addition to Apple Pay, the company also launched a distributed payment service called Apple Pay Later. – Official app for

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