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Apple shows off iOS 16 and future features on iPhones this fall

Apple opened its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 6, which annually brings together developers from its ecosystem to take stock of future software development for the group’s flagship devices.

The first part of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of iOS 16, which will be the update of the iPhone operating system Available for download this fall for iPhone 8 and later. iPhone SE (1st Gen), 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus will no longer be supported after 6-7 years of software support.

Here’s a rundown of the new features Apple announced Monday evening.

Lock screen becomes more interactive

The main change concerns the redesign of the lock screen. This first entry into Apple’s iPhone interface will offer in-depth personalization possibilities. iPhone users only need to hold their finger on the screen to access multiple customization options including various filters, wallpapers, fonts, colors and widgets to configure as they wish.

For example, it would be possible to integrate a widget showing the progress of a VTC reservation, a mini music player or a selection of the best photos from an iPhone album. Several personalized lock screens can be saved to easily switch from one to another.

Apple added the possibility to apply different profiles of “density” mode to filter only the content of certain pre-approved applications for work time, for example. The idea is to help users access the information they need based on their context without having to unlock their iPhone.

You can edit or delete a message at any time in Messages

Another announcement, which should delight iPhone users, will allow Apple’s potentialEdit or delete sent messages in the Messages app at any time, to avoid typing errors or embarrassment resulting from a message sent without thought. Condition only; The recipient has not read the notification before. The Messages app also gets the feature shareplay Enjoy movies, series or music tracks in sync with loved ones via Facetime calls

Apple has also confirmed this The new version of its Apple Maps mapping service will arrive in France With several new features during the next iOS update, such as the “Look Around” function that lets you explore cities in three dimensions or navigate by bicycle. The update brings the possibility of programming routes with up to fifteen different stops and synchronizing routes across different iPhones.

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