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Aptos Crypto Review – What Is This Alleged Solana Killer?

How does Aptos work?

The main feature of Aptos isparallel execution. Most blockchains use a method of scheduling transactions called sequential or batch execution, in which a single timeline of transactions is continuously updated: every time you make a transaction or buy something, that transaction is added to a long single ledger containing all the transactions ever made. online and update thousands of nodes.

What is Aptos? ‘Solana Killer’ Created by Diem Developers Founded by the developers behind Meta’s Diem blockchain, Aptos’ use of a new method of ordering transactions has earned it huge sums from investors.

Since they are all added one by one, you have to wait for each new transaction to be verified: this takes a long time and is the reason why the settlement rate of most blockchains is slow.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a very new project. After taking advantage of a $150 million seed round led by FTX and investors including Parafi in late July, the blockchain secured another $200 million strategic round from major players such as Andreessen Horowitz, Multicoin Capital, and Haun Ventures in March.

Founded by Avery Ching and Mo Shaik, who worked on Diem’s ​​Novi wallet, Aptos uses a parallel execution method that aims to speed up transactions on the blockchain while keeping the cost low.

Aptos v. Solana

Solana, Aptos and Sui 3 super fast chains Who wins the war?

Aptos was named Solana’s killer. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, the blockchain would process a maximum of 160,000 transactions per second, compared to only 120,000 for Solana.

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