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Are cryptocurrencies headed for an extended price decline?

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On the program this Tuesday, in “21 million, price analysis”:

1. Interview with Nicolas Chéron

Market strategist at Zonebourse, Nicolas Chéron will discuss the decline in cryptocurrency prices seen in recent days. They seem to follow the general trend in financial markets, influenced by monetary tightening by central banks and the absence of prospects for easing their policies in the short term. Are they off again for a few weeks?

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2. Technical analysis by industry experts

A cryptocurrency expert will present technical analysis to better try to predict price evolution.

Your crypto trainer

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what was in last Friday’s newsletter, “21 Million, Your Crypto Trainer”:

1 – File on “Issues Raised by Tornado Cash Ban”

Thunderbolt in the crypto ecosystem: The Tornado Cash mixing platform, which enables the anonymization of cryptocurrency transactions, has been blacklisted by companies sanctioned for money laundering. The site was quickly taken down and the protocol’s computer code was removed from the GitHub platform. This decision upset the community because it directly attacks financial privacy and goes after the tool, not those who use it fraudulently.

2 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and compared the main events of the last seven days. Stay on top of crypto news by keeping the most important.

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