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Barbara Broccoli won’t rule out ‘non-binary’ actor to replace Daniel Craig

Michael G. AFP / Rich Fury

Film adaptation of Ian Fleming’s work Historical producer’s daughter interviewed for Woman’s Place Girls on film. She gives a typical look of the next 007.

Does Wokism definitely influence the daughter of Albert R. Broccoli, the historic producer of the first James Bond? Can’t…

In an interview with a feminist site Girls on film High Priestess of Eon Productions – She is joined by her half-brother, Michael G. His Majesty’s Agent. “James Bond must remain an Englishman regardless of race and ethnicity.” she said beforehand.

This answer, which ignores the villainous and playful character that Ian Fleming has detailed in his novels, does not seem to satisfy interviewer Anna Smith, who again asks Barbara Broccoli if she would consider recruiting a new spy.Non-binary“, that is, according to Larousse, who is a hero” They do not fall into the category of individuals based on gender differences between women and men“.

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The producer, who had to work hard on the estate of Daniel Craig, did not allow herself to be bothered by the reporter. Girls on film. His sibylline response, effectively flirting with the political correctness of the atmosphere, was not long in coming: “Isn’t it binary? Why not… I feel the debate is open. We really need to find the right actor.»

So Barbara Broccoli will have all of 2022 to find this rare and “sexless” gem. For the time being, the lucky one or rather “EL” has not yet been chosen or recognized, although there are many different ideas and many service offers from actors more or less “testosterones”.

It has just entered. Dying can wait. Lashana Lynch, the rough-and-tumble spy Nomi, doesn’t hesitate to borrow the famous registration number 007 from Commander Bond, who goes fishing for all kinds of colorful fish in his beloved Bahamas. This fearless and blameless agent has only one flaw: she’s a woman.

Dying can wait.(He has no time to die) by Cary Joji Fukunaga, in 2021, with Daniel Craig, Leah Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Rami Malek…


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