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Batman: This connection you don’t know with James Bond

Two iconic pop culture characters, Gotham City vigilante Batman and Her Majesty’s agent James Bond, share a surprising bond.

A special bond between Batman and James Bond

One is the most popular hero. DC Comics Created Bill finger And Bob Kane. Another very famous novel he created is The Spy. Ian Fleming.

Batman And James Bond They have never met in their respective jobs. If not for the link mentioned in the article, the two characters share a similarity in that they both lost their parents at a young age. Marked by the loss of his parents, Bruce Wayne becomes the world’s greatest detective and disguises himself as a bat. As for James Bond, he joined the British Ministry of Defense as a secret agent, wearing the iconic number 007.

Bruce Wayne and James Bond are two tortured characters. On screen, his two pop culture icons have seen multiple interpretations. Over the years, the two heroes have evolved. All this is possible thanks to one person Lewis Wilson.

The first interpreter of Batman

Lewis Wilson is Bruce Wayne / Batman, Douglas Croft is Richard “Dick” Grayson / Robin in the sequel Batman (1943).

Lewis Wilson (1920-2000) was an American actor. He spent his childhood in Littleton, Massachusetts, where his father served as minister of the First Unitarian Church from 1927 to 1945.

The comedian is best known for being the first live-action incarnation of Batman. After the United States entered World War II in 1943, Colombian pictures Created the first live action Batman series. Simply title BatmanWork created Lambert Hillyer The character is allowed DC Comics Evolving.

In fact, several fan-favorite episodes were created as episodes and later expanded into comics. The Batcave entrance is hidden in the afternoon and appears for the first time in the series. As the cynical, clean-shaven character in comedies, the film features a thin, mustachioed Alfred Pennyworth. These two elements of Batman (1943) later became a regular in the comics.

Without watching the movie Lewis Wilson The evolution of Batman in the role of Bruce Wayne would have been very different.

James Bond’s “Father”

Daniel Craig in Skyfall (2012).

Personal life Lewis Wilson It is equally important for growth James Bond At the movie theater.

While studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts at Carnegie Hall in New York, the actor met the author and actress. Dana Nathol. Wilson married the young actor. He was born from their union Michael G. Wilson. After moving to California, the couple separated. Soon after Dana Nathol He met and married the producer Albert Romolo Broccoli. He was born from their union Barbara Broccoli.

Albert Romolo Broccoli His father-in-law became a mentor. Michael G. Wilson. He takes her to the new movie set. Dr. No (1962), the first James Bond-inspired feature film by Ian Fleming. In 1972 Michael G. Wilson Start working EON products on Live and die. He played in 1977 The spy who loved me.

In 1979 Michael G. Wilson Product moonraker And continues to produce films James Bond with his half sister Barbara Broccoli.

Lewis Wilson In a way, it is a “fixed point” in history. If we take it from the equation, the evolution of Batman and James Bond on the big screen would be clear.

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