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Behind the adventures of 007, old screenwriters

Neil Purvis and Robert Wade, London, 13 September 2021.

This is called an old couple. When Neal Purvis and Robert Wade entered a room, in the London office where the interview was taking place in this case, the two English screenwriters sat on opposite sides of the table, without looking at each other, without taking time to greet each other. They are not messed up. This lack of respect is a sign that the two people are too attached and first class courtesy is not necessary. With a taciturn air, unkempt beard, Neal Purvis seemed the shyer of the two. Robert Wade, with impeccably coiffed hairdo, more carefully dressed, more willing to carry on the conversation.

Date of release since 1999 the world is not enough The two men are James Bond’s regular screenwriters. Six more films followed, including Agent 007’s New Misery. Dying can wait. (released October 6), a jump In particular, it will be the last time Daniel Craig dons the suit of British spy after it was postponed twice due to the pandemic, from April 2020 to November 2020 and then to October 2021.

With cinema attendance in dramatic decline, Bond’s current mission is to restart cinema ticket sales, which he knows is out of the question. Tinette, Christopher Nolan, some Marvel movies and the latest Dun By Denis Villeneuve, no big budget production – a jump It cost at least $200 million to produce, and as much as it will be marketed—never made a theatrical release. For a year and a half, the “majors” have chosen platforms to distribute their blockbusters.

Screenwriter of jump, His career is amazing. Originally, the hero was created by Ian Fleming, the author of fourteen novels of famous secret agent adventures. The role was then held for twenty-seven years by Richard Maibaum, author of most of the screenplays, the first opus; James Bond 007 from Doctor Who (1962) in License to kill (1989) Until his death in 1991. In the mid-1990s, it was given an interim period by Bruce Feirstein. Golden eye (1995), the first jump With Pierce Brosnan, then in He will not die tomorrow. (1997) and finally b the world is not enough Co-written with Purvis and Wade, in what felt like a delivery.

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Most of Maibaum’s screenplays were adaptations of Fleming’s books. When James Bond’s father died, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade had no choice but to start from scratch. casino royale, The English writer’s first novel featuring a spy.

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