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Being James Bond has taken a toll on Daniel Craig’s mental health

Mike Coppola via Getty Images NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 08: (L-R) Actor Daniel Craig attends the 2020 National Board of Review in New York City on January 08, 2020. (Photo by Mike Coppola/FilmMagic)

Mike Coppola via Getty Images

People – released at dawn He has no time to die On September 30, Daniel Craig opened up about his mental health for the first time in his role as Secret Agent 007. “I was six feet under physically and mentally.”

In the Apple TV+ documentary, Being James Bond, Daniel Craig says he’s having a hard time enjoying his newfound fame. The 53-year-old actor first appeared in 2005 as a spy Casino Royale.

He spoke about how the James Bond franchise gave him unexpected fame: “My personal life was affected by being so famous all of a sudden. Hugh Jackman explained that it helped him accept and even appreciate this new life.

A difficult role for 16 years

He explains that at first he refused. Casino Royale. “Pierce[Brosnan, editor’s note]did Remington Steele, Roger Moore, Le Saint. People played roles where they were like, ‘It’s James Bond.’ I have acted in somewhat strange auteur films. It was a hard sell. I really didn’t want to do it (Casino Royale, editor’s note) because I thought I didn’t know what to do with it. “I took the script and read it and thought, ‘No thanks.'”

Barbara Broccoli, the producer of James Bond in 2005, was determined to make Daniel Craig the man of the match. She says he has the role and calls him personally. The actor remembers having the ingredients to make James Bond’s favorite cocktail, the “Vodka Martini”: a bottle of vodka, a shot of vermouth and a cocktail shaker. Result: Three days duration.

Daniel Craig He said he broke his leg while filming Specter in 2015. He insisted on continuing the shoot. With that, he wears a bionic leg. This experience demoralized him and he thought he would rather “cut off his hands than play Bond again”.

“Psychologically very old.”

In the year In 2020, he was sure to return one last time. He has no time to die It makes him a long-time actor in the skin of 007.

However, he was permanently intimidated by the Spectre, saying, “I needed a break. […], to destroy. By the end of this movie I was psychologically very old.

At the end of the recording no time to die Daniel Craig addressed the other cast and crew saying he was proud of his work in the franchise. “When I look back at the films, I’m incredibly proud of each of them. It is not easy to leave this role. I can be as cheeky and cruel about it as I like but I have to admit it’s hard to stay away from it. And it’s not about money or fame.”

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