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Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, similar to James Bond

For months, Dark Knight fans have been praising the new adaptation; Batman. The opportunity of the Batman screenwriter begins to express his opinion about the recurrence of Robert Pattinson. After Michael Keaton or Christian Bale, the man embodied the younger version of Bruce Wayne and wore the vigilante costume for two years. Faced with increasing violence on the streets of Gotham City, the superpowers resort to brutal methods. A realistic feature film with a closer version of the detective. But before Matt Reeves took over the project, Ben Affleck was in the lead as director and lead actor. To reprise his role as the DCEU’s Batman, as portrayed by Zack Snyder.

In an interview with ComicBook (via CBR), Matt Reeves was asked about the Ben Affleck movie that was finally scrapped.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The director explained. A close version of James Bond.

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very “status” James Bond Like Matt Affleck

You probably know, but Ben Affleck is an actor as well as a director. We owe Movies are praised Argoan Oscar winner. before BatmanThe man wore both hats to continue Zack Snyder’s career as the director of The Dark Knight. If the project was canceled, the actor returned the costume Flash. Meanwhile, Matt Reeves portrays Ben Affleck’s Batman It was close to James Bond. and ” It can be a very interesting movie “.

The film was originally directed by Ben Affleck. The screenplay they sent me was written by him, but it was written by a talented pen. I understood when I read it. It was a Batman movie centered around Ben Affleck’s version of the character, but more action-oriented than mine. As a filmmaker, I’m not worried. It was too much.” James Bond » (…) It can be a very interesting film.
Ironically, I think Ben Affleck lacked confidence because he eventually gave up. Maybe it was because of the choices he made in his life at that time.

I said I am not the man [pour adapter le scénario de Ben Affleck]. I explained why I loved this character, there were so many beautiful adaptations. But mine had to be personal. To figure out what to do, where to put the camera, how to direct the actors, where to go with the story.

Matt Reeves


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