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Big delay for the group’s future electric cars

Due to problems in software development, Volkswagen Group’s major electrical projects are disrupted. Audi is particularly affected.

The next electric flagships of Volkswagen Group brands will be delayed And even bigger delays. For example, according to the German media AutomobilwocheThe Artemis Project Audi sedan won’t launch until 2027, a three-year delay.

There is also doubt over Bentley’s desire to sell only electric cars from 2030. Nearby, the future electric Porsche Macan and Audi Q6 e-tron have also seen their launches postponed. Expected in 2021, they should be released in 2023.

Offensive? cariad don’t you know However, it is a very important subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Established in 2020, it aims to develop the group’s future electronic infrastructure, “a standardized software platform”. Obviously, it must accelerate the digitization of vehicles, making them more connected and autonomous. One of Cariad’s goals was to counter VW Tesla.

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But Cariad faced major operational difficulties. The company submitted to organizational problems and delays. This therefore weighs on the group’s entire launch calendar. We note that marketing of the ID.3, the flagship of Volkswagen’s electric revolution, was already disrupted by software issues.

Herbert Diess, boss of the VW Group, intervened to restore order. The Artemis project had rights to Cariad 2.0 software in 2024, capable of Level 4 autonomous driving. This 2.0 version won’t be ready before 2026/2027 and could eventually be ushered in by the Volkswagen Trinity sedan. VW will undertake the development of the software.

Audi is said to be working on another model for 2025, less technologically ambitious. For the moment, the company, along with Ring and Cariad, is mainly working on an interim and temporary version of the software for the Q6 e-tron, but that too is behind schedule, further delaying the SUV.

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