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Big names in architecture imagine the future follies of Neuilly

Colorful, fun, ecological or innovative creations… 15 famous French and international architectural firms have conceived the pavilion for the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine. The latter is holding a competition to design 19 follies along Avenue Charles de Gaulle by 2024. In this context, the City has chosen to introduce these projects to residents, through the exhibition entitled “Main axes, perspectives and falls”, installed along the gates of the church of Saint-Pierre until April 4. By Mayor Jean-Christophe Fromantin in June 2021 The competition launched is part of the transformation of the Allées de Neuilly. Originally, the municipality received about forty applications for the competition. The committee, made up of architects, promoters and technicians, made the selections last November. In a few weeks, one, two or three winners were announced at the beginning of the summer. Five organizations are to be nominated for the final stage of the competition.

Main multi-purpose space

Foleys offer the possibility to prototype and try things out at an environmental scale. By their size, they set the tone for what a building of tomorrow could be“, imagines Jean-Christophe Fromantin, during a press interview Batiactu Participated on March 9. This wealthy city-dweller was inspired by the public pavilions but also these 18th- and 19th-century constructions found in several Parisian suburbs. Tomorrow’s pavilions, with surfaces ranging from 27 to 41 m², will be places of patronage, commerce and culture. Concept-stores, cultural spaces, cultural sponsorship actions or exhibition spaces around showrooms can be imagined in these remarkable buildings.

At the crossroads of innovation and architecture, Follis opens up new realms of experience for the public. At once surprising, immersive and exhilarating, they foreshadow the cultural, social and economic ambitions we seek to reclaim in public space.“, announced the mayor. Among these projects, Bechu + Associations takes nature as a model and offers living works. In the form of an organic silhouette carried by a wooden skeleton, augmented by living skin fed with CO2, the pavilion transforms lost resources. Urban dwellers In nutrition for, and there is even a seaweed based cocktail bar.

Pavilion Project by Bechu + Associates Agency. © Bechu + Associates

Controlled recycling of materials

Manuel Gautrand used glass, “One of the least recycled materials“For its pavilions. A material resulting entirely from reuse.”We recover glass from demolition site glass facades“Architect Explains Mayor, Who Claims to Want”Beautifying public space with a grand project“. The idea is to reintroduce a Parisian identity by playing with the Parisian bottle green element. A shade that changes with the weathered sandstone. The follies will be constructed from superimposed giant glass bricks.

Folies de Neuilly Architecture Manuelle Gautrand
Manuelle Gautrand envisioned a design of recycled glass. © Manuelle Gautrand

Atelier Construire was inspired by the organic world to imagine giant flowers. “We wanted to do something spectacular, generous and fun, that comes on the road“, testify the project bearers of this agency. The desire to create structures evoking joy and freedom is felt in these colorful designs. Made-to-measure openings in bright colors made of recycled prestress membranes stretch over a metal frame.

Created by the Folies de Neuilly Architecture Workshop
Atelier Constructor Project. © Create workshop

Nature as a backdrop

Based in Paris, Swedish Carl Fredrik Svenstedt innovated with buildings made of thin natural stone shells. Installed in a continuous arcade, they are the target of awe, welcome and shelter events. “The stone is three centimeters thick. Thanks to a technical layering, the minimum necessary to build these follies without reinforcement“, he testifies.”I was inspired by pebbles, which would be dressed in a very thin veil.

Folies de Neuilly Carl Fredrik Svenstedt
Carl Friedrich Svenstedt Architects innovated with its natural stone construction project. © Neuilly Carl Friedrich Svenstedt Architects

Still on the theme of nature, the Chartier Dalix agency is creating a botanical pavilion with a collection of plants and flowers that will perfume the streets and provide shade for pedestrians. For their part, Italians Luca Muratorio and Luigi Pardo of the Cortile agency offer pre-equipped adaptable and modular structures for different activities. The artworks of artists and designers will be displayed in the airy spaces of these pavilions.

At the opening of the exhibition, the mayor was delighted to receive such a proposal that he judged “New and innovative in its uses and materials“”We have organized this exhibition so that it is visible to as many people as possible and the people of Neuillé are immersed in this operation”, explains the city councilor. “The duration of the exhibition allows time for reflection and reading.

The city chose to leave the vote to a jury of experts instead of residents. “Projects have complex, technical dimensions, requiring knowledge of materials durability, maintenance factors and financial costs, etc.“A call for projects that will include specifications will be held in September Some promoters are already showing interest

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