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Binance and Mastercard: A marriage of convenience for cryptocurrency adoption

Announcement – It’s no longer a secret: Binance and MasterCard team up in Argentina and launch a prepaid card. So what is the purpose of this marriage of convenience? Participate in the adoption of cryptocurrencies on the South American continent and above all, as announced by the CEO of Mastercard, take advantage of the opportunities that blockchain and cryptocurrencies can bring him.

Binance, Newlyweds

Binance, the most important cryptocurrency platform in the world, is therefore in cooperation with Mastercard, the giant of payment cards and other CB cards. The new card from this wedding it should arrive in Argentina soon.

“We believe that the Binance Card is an important step in encouraging the wider use of cryptocurrency and its global adoption and is now available to users in Argentina”

Maximiliano Hinz, Managing Director of Binance Latin America – Source: Binance

The card itself converts cryptocurrency to fiat currency in real time. Like the classic Binance card, users also get 8% cashback in cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals at ATMs are free. Card settings will be available through the Binance interface.

Mastercard withdraws all cryptocurrency rates

For his part, Michael Miebach does not hide his play and joy. Indeed, the entrepreneur last night declared his love for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain then emerges as a potential for liberation. Mastercard’s goal thus becomes: “to introduce cryptocurrencies into everyday purchases”.

Michael Miebach, CEO of Mastercard – Source: Linkedin

Giants Binance and Mastercard therefore continue to conquer the world by allowing Argentine users to use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Argentina does not stop showing its interest in the world of crypto assets, confirming that cryptocurrencies can be a bulwark against inflation.

The time has come for financial giants to be interested in Bitcoin. And you, what are you doing to prepare for the future? Start getting to know this exciting world and don’t wait any longer for yourself create an account on Binancereference Bitcoin and crypto exchange (commercial link).

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