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BingX Introduces Futures Grid Trading to Encourage Traders During Crypto Winter

Singapore, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading crypto social trading platform BingX is pleased to announce the launch of futures grid trading, launching spot grid copy trading in March. It is available to all registered users so traders can earn in a more flexible way this crypto winter.

BingX Launches Futures Grid Trading To Power Traders In Crypto Winter

As the name suggests, future grid trading combines grid trading and futures trading, which can bring grid profits to users. The Grid Trading A quantitative trading strategy that automates the buying and selling of digital assets at predetermined intervals around predetermined price ranges to create trading grids.

These trading grids allow investors to collect money like a fishnet: by executing low-price buy and high-price sell orders during price volatility, the system guarantees profits by eliminating the need to predict the market whenever the sell price exceeds the buy price. . Additionally, grid futures trading allows traders to use leverage to increase profits.

Compared to other platforms, BingX offers more flexibility to users by reducing the minimum investment amount. Traders can try futures grid trading with 20 USDT and see how it does automatic arbitrage. They can preset a stop-loss point to limit the loss of a securities position.

For this quarter, part of BingX’s strategic direction is to provide users and traders with a better trading environment and new tools that facilitate profitability. We are further simplifying the trading process so that they can employ new trading strategies that allow them to win, especially considering the current market conditions.Director of Global Communications and Public Relations, Elvis Carrington

This new feature will be available on both the BingX app and desktop computers. It allows traders to monitor the market throughout the day by making strategic, informed and rational trading decisions on their behalf. To encourage traders to make money with the smart tool, BingX will launch a campaign to compensate traders for their first-time trading losses on Futures Grid.

Security is always a top priority for BingX. Since the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, the entire crypto market has been in a bearish trend. Three Arrows Capital’s bankruptcy filing started a downward spiral that hurt many crypto investors. In the face of this serious turbulence, BingX remains faithful to its mission of protecting users’ assets. Under no circumstances will BingX cover user funds in risky investments.

BingX is committed to providing more innovative and modern features and services to meet the various business and social needs of users. To optimize the investment experience and maximize user profits, BingX is always ahead.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, is a global digital asset, spot and derivatives trading platform that offers an open, user-centric ecosystem with intuitive social trading features. Built to enrich the entire cryptocurrency industry, BingX is a safe, reliable and friendly place where users can trade assets of their choice e.g. safe light, lengthen, white mindAnd AAVE. It is a digital asset, spot and derivatives trading platform that offers an open, user-centric ecosystem with intuitive social trading features. Newbie traders can make Copytrade And learn from over 3,000 professional traders on BingX. Today, BingX has four operating licenses in the EU, US, Canada and Oceania. BingX is a safe, reliable and user-friendly place where users can trade digital assets.



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