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BMW is developing its future electric sports car with this prototype equipped with four motors

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Who said electric can’t be sporty? German manufacturer BMW said it is “tweaking” a prototype, which serves as the basis for the development of new high-performance electric models. Based on the BMW i4 M50, this camouflaged coupe shouldn’t necessarily become a specific model, but is primarily intended to allow the Bavarian brand to work on certain aspects of the new vehicle.

Chassis, all-wheel drive, quadruple electric motorization… the areas of study that make this prototype work are numerous. This test car is actually equipped with a four-wheel M xDrive transmission. Each wheel is connected to an electric motor, which, according to BMW, makes it possible to benefit from “precise and very fast” torque distribution.

Measuring instrument inside

In concrete terms, four electric motors are each connected to a control unit that constantly monitors the traffic situation and the driver’s wishes. Acceleration, steering angle, wheel speed and many other parameters are tuned in milliseconds. On board the prototype, measuring instruments are installed to analyze “every driving situation down to the smallest detail”.

A prototype tested on the open road

With this test model, BMW says the floor at speed in curves, even in rain or snow. Energy recovery during braking phases is finally on the program for this test program, just to improve this already very effective system. Tests of this prototype developed by BMW M are carried out on the open road. The exact location, of course, is not communicated.

In short

Electric is not necessarily anti-athletic. BMW proves it once again with this prototype based on an i4 M50. Equipped with four electric motors, it allows the manufacturer to develop its future electric models. The machine travels on open roads to study many driving situations.

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