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BNB chain on Red Alert: Avoid these 70 dodgy crypto projects

An avalanche of crypto-scams – The the unexpected success of memecoins like Dogecoin (DOGE) Where shiba inus (SHIB) during the last running of the bulls caused by a abundance of clones (SHIB is already a clone of DOGA). Some are like that suspicious that the warning system BNB chain tripped up no less than 70 “projects” cryptos.

There is a bone in these “Dogecoin apprentices” of the BNB chain

It has become so easy to create tokens, or even blockchain clones thousands projects now abound in the cryptosphere. that they try to be at least honestly in their course (but with a serious Nah), or whether they are mounted as scams (fraud) from the very beginning, many of these projects will ruin it their investors (more or less voluntarily).

In this context, and as Cointelegraph separately reports, the teams BNB chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) set up “Red Alert” (Red alert) about 1 month. This warning system allows to prevent crypto investors risks to work on some projects present in the BNB chain.

“Our platform Red alert flagged 50 projects as potential scams. Avoid them, stay SAFU. »

Twitter account @cz_binance

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Already more than 70 cryptos (shitcoins) on the red list

At the time of writing, August 16, 2022, the BNB chain alert system had at least 70 tokens including big risks for their investors/users.

According to Gwendolyn Reginadirector of investments for the BNB chain, the set alarm system would be reviewed no less than 3,300 smart contractsonly in the month of July 2022.

In addition to warning potential victims, the system specifies which element(s) is perceived as dangerous. For example, for BabyDogeGas, Red alert explains that his smart contract contains “one or more risks” who could “impact funds” user. Or WEB CADincluding a smart contract “perform differently” as announced by the project owners.

BNB Chain's alert system monitors smart contracts.
Don’t get trapped with BNB chain red alert
Source: dataplay

The Nah in smart contracts are unfortunately always possible, with consequences that can be catastrophic. You can also avoid projects that may have problems discoveredespecially those who sense from afar rug sweater. That will tell when it is “developers” (messy) project leave with cashleaving their community in limbo at best, and destroyed at worst.

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