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Building: Faced with lack of tiles, fear of future storms

bCotton, oil, milk… France has been in short supply for several weeks. On the question: Resumption of post-Covid operations and the consequences of Ukraine’s war on its exports. Delivery times to supermarkets are getting longer, supermarket shelves are becoming desperately empty. Some sectors are not spared, especially building. According to 20 minutesThe shortage also affects construction materials, including clay tiles used for roofing.

French people who want to build or renovate their roofs have to take their problems with patience. “For bricks, the deadline is six months, for tiles, there is no deadline and if we are finally supplied, we don’t know at what price,” said Freddie Gilbert, president of the Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Companies (CAPEB) Pas-de -with Calais 20 minutes. Shortages of tiles, but also of steel or zinc, affect production costs and construction site performance. “It’s a problem that’s here to stay and the consequences we’ll see in the event of a major storm,” added Freddie Gilbert.

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Building sector under pressure

With the increase in commodity prices, the construction sector is suffering from the effects of inflation. Several assumptions justify this scenario: catch-up in factory activity, shutdowns in confinement, and rising gas prices. Thus, roofers are having a tough time honoring their order books. At the same time, according to Europe 1, around 142,000 building permits were issued in the first quarter of 2022, the highest level in fifteen years. To adapt to this fragile situation, professionals in the sector must take measures: trim their margins, increase their prices or even put their employees on partial unemployment.

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