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Cac 40 is recovering, but beware, Wall Street is about to be reinfected, market news

The Paris stock exchange rose after the day before it was accused of its biggest fall since late November. Markets were buoyed by spectacular changes in major US indices at Monday’s close, but contracts fell the future In the index, and especially the 1.4% of the Nasdaq 100, the situation could change. The trend also reflected tensions between Moscow and Kiev, particularly as the Fed begins a two-day meeting of its monetary policy committee on Tuesday.

A surprising improvement in Germany’s business environment is welcome. The Ifo index rose 0.9 points to 95.7 in January, against a market-expected decline to 94.5. ” It’s still early days, but things seem to have stabilized in January, with the Ifo, PMI and ZEW indicators advancing. As the omicron wave subsides in February and March, the economy should return to growth in the first quarter. For now, we expect a consistent 0.5% GDP growth Commented Andrew Cunningham, Chief Economist Europe at Capital Economics. To follow, this afternoon, the American consumer confidence index as established by the Conference Board for the month of January.

around noon, Bedroom 40 Trading volume of 1.26 billion euros increased by 0.86% to 6,846.36 points.

What risk is the Fed prepared to take?

On Wall Street, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite managed to finish higher after falling 4% and 5%, respectively, in the Monday session. Such reversals certainly reflect the return of bearish buying advocates, but they also reflect market nervousness. The S&P 500’s VIX Implied Volatility Index ended 30 points below its historical average of around 19.5 points.

For Swisscote senior analyst Ipek Ozkardeskaya, yesterday’s rally raised an important question: Is this the end of the selling wave? According to him, “ It depends on two main factors: 1. How aggressively the Fed will fight inflation and what risk it is willing to take on market valuations. 2. Those who will survive a harsh rate environment

Rising prices are at the center of concern for investors, who are awaiting action from the Fed, as well as indications of the timing and pace of monetary tightening. The first rate hike is expected in March, followed by three more over the course of the year

Interparfum exceeded expectations

Geopolitical tensions appeared to be top of mind for investors as 8,500 US troops were put on high alert for a possible deployment to bolster NATO in Eastern Europe as Russian troops massed along the border with Ukraine.

Interparfum 5.2% won. The luxury perfume maker reported a 52.7% increase in its annual turnover to 560.8 million euros, compared to the 550.2 million expected by analysts. The group confirmed that it is targeting an operating margin of 15% in 2022, as opposed to 17% expected for 2021.

Publicis Profit is 1.3%. Oddo raised its recommendation on the BHF advertising agency title from “neutral” to “outperform” and raised its target price from 58 to 70.50 euros. Among other analyst notes, Credit Suisse has started trackingAmundi (+1%) to “Neutral” with a target of 78 euros.

Remy Cointreau Loses 3.2%. Spirit Group has confirmed its objectives for its staggered 2021-2022 financial year, after achieving a 21% organic growth in turnover in the third quarter, against an expected 15%. However, analysts regretted that Rémy Cointreau did not raise its forecast.

BNP Parishad 2.2% increase, Agricultural loans and by 1.7% Society General by 1.8%. Jeffries, who is “buying”, shows himself ” Especially bullish All three banks cited strong revaluation prospects this year, attractive yields (in the form of dividends and share buybacks) and other catalysts.

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