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Calendar of Innovations through 2025

Despite the success of SUVs, city cars have not had their last say. Auto-Motto unveils the program of the festival for the next 4 years

City cars of the future: calendar of innovations through 2025 – Unprofitable in the eyes of the automotive industry, city cars are subject Rationalization, in recent years, most car manufacturers. Exit bodywork or sports variant variations with few exceptions. The townspeople surrendered Mainly available as 5-door, according to conventional power levels, and diesel is definitely discounted in favor of electrification. for now, Models without fossil energy are rareIn this section, like Renault Joe And Hondawhen Toyota Yaris And Renault Clio Retain the exclusivity of real hybrid blocks, not 48 V. For its part, Stellantis prefers to bet on a multi-power platformCapable of accommodating 100% thermal or 100% electrical blocks, to transfer wires Peugeot 208 And Vauxhall Corsa. Versatile city car that takes it slow Step into the micro-urban type Citroën C1 or Renault Twingo On the brink of extinction, due to lack of profitability, as they are too expensive to convert to current and future pollution control and safety standards. May give way to the end A new breed of ultra-urban SUV.

Pending city car news:

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