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Carrefour wants to find its future thinking head in Metaverse!

With the pandemic, many companies have changed their hiring practices. But Carrefour seems to be a pioneer, showing a definite interest in the metaverse. After buying a virtual land there in the video game The Sandbox, French plans to hire 3,000 data experts by 2026.

And for this, he decided to send his human resources managers into the Metaverse, specifically for a lure operation targeting engineers from the Polytechnique or Ecole des Mines. Elodie Perthuisst, the group’s digital transformation director, noted. Here it is To process data to optimize promotions or store assortments, or to improve product recommendations made to customers !

yesterday, The group held its first recruitment session with thirty students in the presence of its CEO Alexander Bompard.. Everyone wore virtual costumes for the event. Emphasized on the leader High intensity digital conversionwith a new leitmotif Not dreams but concrete projects.

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