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Cascade of PMI indices and results of Twitter on the program, Do not miss tomorrow

The market will analyze the list preliminary PMI from IHS Markit Institute, which monitors the expectations of consumer managers in the manufacturing and services sectors, in July. ” A month later, the reasons for concern have not diminishedsays the research office of Oddo BHF. The issue of inflation weighs on demand », and should lower the PMI indices in all countries, even if they remain in the expansion phase, for more than 50 years.

The threat of gas shortages worries European consumer watchdogs

France will get the ball at 9:15 am with PMI indicators that are expected to fall, to 51 in the manufacturing industry and 52.8 in employment in July, compared to 51.4 and 53.9 last month. The situation looks worse in Germany, where the manufacturing PMI is expected at 50.9 (52 in June), and for services at 51.4 (52.4). In the euro zone, The European composite PMI, which had held up well until then, ended up falling short up to 52 points in June and is expected to drop 1 point in July. The index is expected at 51 points in manufacturing and 52 in employment in July, against 52.1 and 53 respectively last month.

Across the Atlantic, where the economy is expanding rapidly, the PMI S&P manufacturing and services indexes, which both stood at 52.7 in June, may return in July to 52 and 52.5 respectively. In the United Kingdom, a country with 9.4% inflation, the PMI should follow the same downward trend, up to 52 in July (52.8 in June) in the manufacturing sector and 53.1 (54.3) in Employment.

Twitter tested quarterly

The takeover of the social network that Elon Musk is considering has caused investors to be skeptical in recent months. But tomorrow, it will be the result of the second part of Twitter, was unveiled before the opening of Wall Street, which will remain the center of attention. The platform should see its increase by 10.8%, up to 1.3 billion euros, at the end of June. Bloomberg consensus expects positive results in the positive sector, more than 100 million euros this quarter, although the final figures have often defied predictions, good or bad. Advertising costs will be very important, as the economic downturn raises fears of a decline in demand for this sector. After Twitter, American Express and Schlumberger they will disclose their quarterly accounts. On the French defense side, Lisi and Pixium Vision will link their results in the first half, right Nakon and E-Pango they will have their meetings.

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