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Celsius: $2.85 billion lost, the situation on the crypto platform worsens

Celsius on fire – The Celsius cryptocurrency platform is still being talked about. The exchange disappeared very quickly after the collapse of UST and the Terra ecosystem, Celsius’s fervor struggles to cool. Courts, poor beneficiaries, kindling brought to the fire feeds the fire.

2.85 billion dollars were burned

This time, it’s a new report that ignites the powder for the Celsius Network. According to our colleagues from The Block law firm Celsius, Kirkland & Ellis, would announce new figures. They fell, compared to those declared on July 14 when Celsius filed for bankruptcy, the platform then declared A deficit of $1.2 billion.

The report therefore explains that the company would be in a deficit of $2.85 billion. In fact, this figure is more than double what the cryptocurrency platform announced when it filed for bankruptcy.

Let’s compare some of the data provided to us. The latest report shows that the company has a passive balance of 6.6 billion dollars. In terms of cryptocurrency, Celsius would have under management for the equivalent $3.8 billion in crypto assets.

However, again, these are not the numbers that Celsius cited when filing for bankruptcy. The company would, in fact, declare 4.3 billion dollars and 3.8 billion dollars in crypto assets.

Kirkland & Ellis Report “Monthly Cash Flow” Source: The Block

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More than 62,000 BTC lost in flames

As for cryptocurrencies, the report explains it at 100,669 BTC deposited by investors, the company lost 62,853so it’s just worth it 37,926.

Kirkland & Ellis Report “The Report on Cryptocurrencies” – Source: The Block

Celsius Network’s debts remain the most impressive in the report Challenge. A crypto platform would thus own $348 million in BTCbut would lend an equivalent 2.5 billion dollars. This gap narrows on the Ether side, but is still $1 billion.

In its projections, the consultancy’s report therefore develops that, in this dynamic, the remaining $130 million at the Celsius level would allow the platform to secure its fresh only until October.

Despite a community that is still trying save CEL from disorder, the flaming Celsius seems to fail. Associated with the latest discoveries of Alex mechanical, Apparently the fire will not be extinguished.

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