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Challenger Pro League: Wins and leads RSCA Futures in Lommel

On Saturday, RWD Molenbeek recorded their first ever 1-0 win over Dender with a goal from Gil Ruesen (40th, 1-0). Varton signed his second in a 2-2 draw, at Beveren, which opened the scoring through Thierno Barry (33rd, 1-0). Yannick Aguemon equalized for Goumais (41st, 1-1), after Weslandiens Lucas Costa (36th) missed a penalty.

Beveren immediately regained the lead with a Koster header from six meters (43rd, 2-1), but in the 8th Excelsior grabbed his second point through Karim Ilunga (90th + 2, 2-2). Beveren (1 point) is tenth. On Friday, SL16 FC shared a 2-2 draw with Bearshot after leading twice from the penalty spot (82nd, 2-1) through Leandre Cuavita (41st, 1-0) and Mouad El Fanis. But Leo Seydoux (46th, 1-1) and Ibrahim Alhassan (86th, 2-2) allowed the Rats to grab a point. SL16 FC, who already tied 2-2 against Club NXT, have two units. At the same time, Dinze beat Jung Zenk 3-2 in stoppage time. The Flanders side took the lead twice through Gellert van Landshut (8th, 1-0) and Tio Quintero (60th, 2-1) while Mika Godots (27th, 1-1) and Sekou Diwara (85th, 2-2) put the young Limburgers in the game. brought back But Quintero rose in the last second (90th + 7, 3-2).

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