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Chicago Mercantile Exchange and its Ether Futures

After Bitcoin in early 2021, it is now Ethereum that is the global derivatives specialist. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) wants to start Futures contract. Nothing has been decided for the moment as the regulators are yet to give their approval. However, the news is reassuring and the contract in question will be worth 0.1 ETH by the end of 2021. So this is another stroke of genius that CME is trying to expand its offering. the future In the crypto universe. CryptoNews takes you behind the scenes of this pharaonic project.

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The CME Group invites itself to the table of elders

In a competitive world like virtual currency, it’s not the most enterprising that succeeds. But he is the man who, in addition to initiative, innovates and convinces. This is key to the success of CME, which sees its importance in cryptocurrencies grow steadily. You only have to go back a few months to see the success of Bitcoin’s micro future. The most impressive thing is that since May 2021, its launch in Bitcoin has been appreciated by the masses who have welcomed it. Moreover, till date, around 2.7 million transactions have already been completed.

CME’s impact continues to grow

Without predicting it, the CME is disrupting the crypto market order. It is more available to institutional investors, while retail businesses can source their supplies from the platforms Binance And FTX in a certain way. Everything indicates that in a few months, the average trader will have less influence than in the past. The fault lies with the so-called “qualified” public, who will have more decision-making power than in the past. The latter will be able to dictate the rhythm and its will to the market. This team can easily bet on a fall or fall. Perfect visualization of transactions executed on ETH futures contracts. In fact, these deals will be more likely to attract funding from institutions. In the coming months, it is necessary to keep an eye on the closing dates to make objective analysis and movements of the market.

CME is not the first attempt

Speaking of business CME-Group, a direct link is established with the derivatives trade. In fact, the firm is a giant in this field and is constantly expanding its influence. He has been interested in virtual currency derivatives for several months now. To achieve this, it proceeds by introducing micro futures contracts in the field of Bitcoin. The aim of offering limited-edition deals is to attract investors of all sizes. Especially for extremely high value per token cryptocurrencies like Ether and BTC. Unlike large-scale projects that only attract institutions, this new class of contracts has the ability to redistribute cards among clients.

What explains the choice of ether?

Ether’s choice to offer futures was not a fluke. This is in response to ever-increasing demand for this asset, which has been breaking records since the first futures contracts were introduced. The advantage of this product is that it reduces the investor’s exposure rate, with lower risk and more fixed returns. Between the start of the project with the offering of small contracts and now, the value of Ether has practically doubled. Micro contracts are more accessible to all budgets with a greater margin of choice. Here you already know how to trade your Ether futures reliably and legally within the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group.

The launch date is known

As you understand, and the category of contracts refers to financial instruments from participants, it is possible to receive or sell an asset at a certain price and on a certain date chosen long in advance. If necessary, it has to say that pending regulatory approval, it will be traded in principle on December 6. We already know that payments in such futures contracts offered by CME Group are made in cash. The payment base takes into account the referral rate of Ether in dollars. So this is very good news for investors, especially if things are in focus, because Ether is doing well and continues to move forward.

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