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Chloé and Pauline, future rosières

This August, the town of Penne-d’Agenais revives the rosières festival. It will be held on August 21 at Peragude Sanctuary and August 27 at Magna. This traditional festival has been celebrated in Payne-d’Agenais since 1921 thanks to Candide Delberg, a resident of the parish of Magnac, who left a legacy for the town in name and prize every year. , two most eligible daughters. Thus since 1921, the commune of Payne-d’Agenais has crowned 193 young women. This year, Pauline Etienne and Chloé Parat will honor the day. A day under the sign of tradition but also of celebration. August 21 schedule. 10.30am, reception at Porte de Ferracap Rosières; 10:40 am, procession to Peragude Sanctuary; 10:45 a.m., reception by the mayor of the city, Arnaud Devilliers, in front of the sanctuary; 11 a.m., Mass; 12 noon, Procession to Place Gambetta for Crowning of Rose Beds; Crown of Rose Beds; 1 p.m., Glass of Gambetta at Friendship Place provided by the municipality; 1 p.m., food. At 4 p.m., the new roses will visit residents of local hospitals. August 27 schedule. 10 a.m., Mass in the church of Magnac; 11 a.m., wreath-laying at the tomb of Candide Delberg; 11:15 am, Friendship glass provided by the municipality. Reservations are required by August 12 for the meal to be held on August 21 after the coronation. On the menu: Piglet on a spit.

Participation 18 € adults, 8 € children. Checks payable to the Public Treasury to be returned to CCAS (Communal Center for Social Action), Town Hall, 1 Place Paul Froment – ​​​​47 140 Penne-d’Agenais or registration by telephone on 05 53 36 25 25.

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