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Civil service – Civil servants: an increase of 3.5% of the index point

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The Minister of Transformation and Civil Service announced a 3.5% increase in the index point for civil servants at a salary meeting held on June 28, 2022. The increase is effective from July 2022 for all government employees. Law published in Official newspaper of July 8, 2022 will increase the value of the public service index by 3.5% starting 1 st July 2022.

In order to combat inflation, the number of government jobs is adjusted by 3.5% on July 2022. This is the biggest appreciation since 1985, meaning 37 years.

The annual cost of wages and salaries related to the increase of 100 and according to the deduction of the pension is € 5,820.04 from 1er July 2022.

This increase is in addition to the personal growth that comes mainly from the advancement of knowledge.

The annual salary is the balance corresponding to the increasing indices deducted from the pension from 1er July 2022 was added to law 2022-994 of July 7, 2022

With the increase in index points, 700,000 assistants who were in Smic will now be paid more than the Smic rate.

See the infographic on the inflation index increase to 3.5%

Additional options have also been announced:

  • the renewal of the purchasing power guarantee (GIPA) for 2022;
  • the addition of a fixed travel package;
  • reviewing government funding for food services;
  • review of salary at the beginning of the work of group B.

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