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Coinbase and Regulation: A Marriage of Benefit for the Crypto Platform

Welcome regulation – Coinbase seems to love the pressure from regulators. The cryptocurrency exchange would like and work for a regulation that would contribute to the development of the sector, both in the United States and in other countries.

Coinbase in love with crypto regulations

The The SEC has opened an investigation into Coinbase’s assets which could be considered securities. This attack has not changed the cryptocurrency exchange’s point of view, which is soft on regulation.

Indeed, during the company’s Aug. 9 earnings conference call, Coinbase described regulatory scrutiny of some of its assets as an opportunity. This would thus help investors better understand the nature of their assets.

Let’s hear from the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrongthe company would be can’t wait for it to show up, cryptocurrency regulation in the United States. The number one crypto exchange expressed the company’s desire to see “common sense frameworks for regulation” in the country.

The formula to remember would therefore be that “the more regulations for cryptocurrencies, the better for Coinbase”.

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International negotiations for a clear regulatory framework

In his enthusiasm, Coinbase would even push the SEC, so he update your regulations in some areas.

In its recent letter to shareholders, Coinbase noted that it had filed a petition with the regulator. Goal? Let him initiate a public process that will allow him to have a regulatory framework. This framework would enable “the development of cryptocurrency markets and the tokenization of debt and equity markets.”

The company would even take this regulatory battle beyond Uncle Sam’s borders, within the European Union and other jurisdictions. She would then like to create a clear regulatory regime for cryptocurrencies.

The SEC is currently taking a strong interest in Coinbase’s investment product, but the exchange is showing quite a public smile in response. The company wants well-defined rules of the game, which at least allow healthy growth of the sector.

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