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Could Tom Holland be the next James Bond?

James Bond’s page has definitely turned for Daniel Craig. No Time To Die is therefore the last film where we will see the actor as Agent 007. Since the departure of Daniel Craig, the question has often arisen: Who will be the next James Bond?

A year after the release of No Time to Die, we still don’t have an answer to that question. And the franchise’s producers say the search for the next James Bond will take time. As they wait to discover the identity of the next Agent 007, fans of the franchise are speculating about which actors will be chosen to reprise the role.


Among them we find Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Caballe or Reggae-Jean Page.

Tom Holland in the middle of new rumors

And the rumors about the next James Bond never stop. Recently, Tom Holland’s name was mentioned for Bond 26, the new version of James Bond. Thanks to his role in the MCU, Tom Holland is one of the most popular actors right now.

Therefore, it is not surprising that his name is on the list of actors who have been proposed to take over the role of James Bond. For now, the producers of the franchise have not yet revealed themselves on this rumor.

Too young for this role?

But one element can come between the role of Tom Holland and James Bond: age. Indeed, the actor is 26 years old. And that’s too small to house Agent 007.

For comparison, Daniel Craig was 38 when he was chosen to play in Casino Royale 2006. Moreover, in Ian Fleming’s interest, Agent 007 is in his thirties. However, the makers of the franchise are reportedly looking for a young actor to play James Bond.

Casting young actors ensures the longevity of the franchise and allows them to make at least three films with the same actor. But for now there is nothing certain about this. to be continued…


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