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Crypto crash: Voyager crashes and sends US Soccer back to the locker room

hope – Voyager sends the players of the American Women’s Soccer League to the locker room without fulfilling their obligations, doc cryptocurrency exchange promised a big check and cryptocurrency to the organization.

Promises, beautiful promises, until the moment when it is necessary to go to the cash register. Voyager will not pay a single cent in cryptocurrency. However, the cryptocurrency exchange closed a sponsorship deal with the American Women’s Soccer League last December.

The partnership was ambitious: it was one of the most important in the history of the League and was to extend over several years. Meanwhile, times have turned sour for Voyager, which is filed for bankruptcy in July, collapsing under bear pressure during this crypto winter.

Funds pledged by the company thus it will remain in a state of promise, the crypto exchange is unable to honor it. The league was to receive half in cash and the other in cryptocurrency. The company then planned to open an account for every player on its platform.

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Travel darkens the skies of sports federations

2021 will go down as the year when BTC bulls hit $69,000 and crypto companies announced incredible sponsorship deals to display their logos in major sports team stadiums and on player jerseys.

In 2022, Voyager may have succeeded in tarnishing the image of web3 companies in the minds of team sports enthusiasts. Former professional soccer player Haley Carter made no secret of her disappointment with the deal with the crypto exchange, which she called “ bad job “.

The cryptocurrency exchange most likely sowed doubt in the minds of other sports entities that entered into the same type of partnership with other crypto companies.

Green half green in all that red? Bearish candlesticks will at least have the credit of putting an end to a certain kind of wild west that reigned online3, with every company bidding almost irrationally to be able to belly dance in front of millions of fans of the sports discipline.

Voyager must face stronger storms than this sporting accident, which brings shame to the sector. He had refused FTX’s outstretched handwhile the cryptocurrency exchange still does not have the necessary liquidity to return to the surface.

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