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Crypto Futures: Hubble Exchange Launches Native Perpetual Futures on Avalanche

In a blog post published on Medium on August 9, the Avalanche team clarified that BTC, ETH, and native Avalanche assets will be available in the future.

Currently, Hubble allows traders to use multiple tokens as collateral for perpetual futures trading with the ability to maintain exposure to digital assets.

📢Hubble Exchange Launches Native Perpetual Futures During Avalanche! 🔺 Integration expands what perpetual futures traders can do with Avalanche-native protocols, aiming to unlock capital efficiency and collateral flexibility #Avalanche

Decentralized derivatives are on track to take market share from centralized alternatives like FTX and Binance over the next few years. said Candy Carpet, lead contributor to the Hubble Exchange

As a reminder, the Hubble Exchange is a decentralized platform that allows trading of perpetual futures contracts on avalanches. It ensures low fees and leverages Avalanche’s highly scalable infrastructure to provide a native experience for perpetual futures trading with multi-collateral and multi-margin designs.

New launch on Avalanche with CurateDAO

These last hours have been eventful for the ecosystem as snow has also fallen announcement A “curate-to-earn” protocol was launched on Avalanche by CurateDAO on August 9. Users of the protocol aggregate Pinterest-like boards and are rewarded in AVAX tokens when other users find the boards useful.

Councils are decentralized and use a smart contract to pass the revenue earned by the council to content creators and curators.

As a native token, AVAX Avalanche can take advantage of ecosystem interest and increase in price. At the time of writing, the crypto is trading at $27.64, going later By 3.4% in 24 hours.

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