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Crypto Gouv, YouTuber accused of fraud worth several million euros

Under the nickname of Crypto Govta youtuber offered his 10,000 YouTube subscribers of the videos loyal cryptocurrencies. He also managed tokens from some, earlier disappear with the money.

Theme of cryptocurrencies is increasingly popular among Internet users. And the bull run of 2021 only fueled this enthusiasm for Bitcoin, altcoins and NFTs – which are still unknown.

Interest in digital assets has led to the emergence of numerous crypto news, in addition YouTube channels. Among them, until recently, was a YouTuber Crypto Govt.

The YouTube influencer left with a crate of cryptocurrencies

Influencer with 10,000 subscribers now belongs to a new circle, the circle of thieves. French radio that really spells it out Crypto Govt is the subject of a investigations from the Paris prosecutor’s office.

An individual, whose true identity is unknown, is suspected of cryptocurrency fraud. Crypto Gouv has been accused of stealing for 3 to 4 million euros to its subscribers.

In order to abuse the latter, a few months earlier he launched a YouTube channel dedicated to investing in cryptocurrencies. Its content convinced subscribers to entrust him with his own savings.

About forty of these subscribers carry complaint today. According to the investigation, the victims would probably be 200 to 300 in number. Because these internet users interested in cryptocurrencies are now victims.

Growing Crypto Scams in 2021

Thanks to entrusted savings Crypto Govthe could have accumulated several million euros before disappear. A YouTuber even has admitted the facts and fraud in a video uploaded to the Google platform on July 9.

Crypto Gov is not the first scammer to cash in on the consumer frenzy for this asset. In its activity report for 2021, the AMF observed an increase in these frauds.

Last year, 25% of cases filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers concerned fraudulent cryptocurrency investments. That represented a jump of 19 points year-on-year.

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