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Crypto Projects: In the Face of Crisis, 5 Discreet Qualities Creating Tomorrow’s Giants

The dry phase through which crypto markets and NFT as a whole (bear run, bear market, cycle cycle, etc., terminology varies, perceived gloom remains) are the cause of an extremely rare situation. A situation we find every 4 or 5 years. Finally, a situation you can’t miss.

Today, in the face of unprecedented obstacles, all projects that progress, communicate and achieve, really deserve the right to be interested in them. We’ll even give special mention to those launching right now.

In all the diversity of their endeavors, the real men and women behind the scenes exhibit universal and valuable qualities. Let’s focus on 5 of them today.

1. The power of condemnation

At the moment, nobody believes in “crypto”, “the market is dead”. As Bitcoin (thankfully he this is not her first dance), everything “goes to 0”, everyone says so, right?

The failure of the crypto-monetary initiative seems obvious, in any case this is the sentiment that dominates and spreads in the columns of the mainstream media.

Already in 2013…

The community becomes thin, scattered, fearful, suspicious. How to be surprised? Since the massive hacks and collapses of the past few months (LUNACelsius Network…), to constant pounding rregulators from all over, never has it been so difficult to keep intact one’s few patiently built convictions on this new and burgeoning subject.

And yet, despite what seems the most obvious common sense, entrepreneurs and project managers will play their financestheir reputation, sometimes even their family life or their health based on the belief: tomorrow will be extraordinary and the future will be written in a decentralized way based on Web3.

A project, a team, a community that has proven its worth resilience and their moral qualities in this context will be unstoppable when market conditions become favorable again (and they will).

2. Thrift

No more running of the bulls and millions raised by magic. Fulfilled Lambo’s dreams and 6 numbers in no time.

Today you have to work for economy, efficiency. Do more and do better with less. Time is no longer wasted or a waste of resources and skills. Everything must be weighed, calculated as accurately as possible. Even the Coinbase colossus got down on one knee.

But here we are, hard, arid contexts, where the investor is rare and suspicious, forging character and corporate culture. A context that obliges to constantly review its copy and that erases amateurs and opportunists. Only builders, and they are few. A period that will probably give birth to cathedrals, ready to face time and adversity.

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3. Relevance

The atmosphere is no longer made of devices and decorations, we are at the very bottom of the pyramid of needs. Less decentralized finance” degen and “cryptocurrency meme” projects. Even Elon Musk got bored and rather deserted his favorite playground.

With the potential for huge ROI and easy money gone, everyone is aware that the frenetic obstacle course of 2021 has turned into a bitter marathon. The time is now more suitable for structuring projects. Indeed, only those who will evolve added value in real life real people, they will take root.

And now is the perfect time to separate the wheat from the chaff, to discern those who are preparing for the future by staying on the field when most are hanging up their cosmetic boots.

The leaching is such that one might even happily consider it to be at a historical inflection point. A rocker who could see himself disappearing 95% of crypto and NFT “projects” current (equivalent phenomenon in terms of progress at the end of 2018 for the big ICO cleanup).

Hence, it is important to remain attentive to those who remain.

4. Search for legal and tax compliance

No one missed that it waslove for regulators for our industry is now invading.

Starting a project now means voluntarily pulling a legal target to the front line, with full knowledge of the facts.

However, even if we reserve the right to discuss it on an ideological level and respecting the initial corpus of values ​​they carry separately Bitcointhe observation is clear: 2022 for a business company in the crypto field, not integrating the desire to full compliance with regulations it would be on the order of commercial suicide.

Project cruypto and legal compliance

This is true in France, but also everywhere in the world. Even industry giants now agree that it is more tactically relevant and sensible for ccooperate with regulatory authorities rather than engaging in dissent that is detrimental to business and growth globally.

Initiatives that manage to pass this stage without too much damage (some will not recover or will throw in the towel in the face of staggering demands, often higher than those imposed on banks) will be real war machines tomorrow

5. Authenticity and sincerity

Less space for now clones of project clones which worked well and from which we will try to extract a fraction of the initial success. Carbon copies are infinitely easier to detect in the current lull than in the hustle and bustle of the market where everything is interchangeable and such, and they seem to be able to go “To ze moon”.

Unfortunately, sincerity is always difficult to detect. And this is precisely one of the traps that dubious actors will first try to fall for convince and seduce buyers and investors.

However, this period allows direct and simplified access to teams, even to CEOs and operational project leaders. It’s a privilege you have to take advantage of, nothing better than that direct exchange to create the right opinion.

Finally, we will add that the market is so sluggish even crypto scams are in free fall. Criminals are now turning away from the sector and moving to more favorable hunting grounds. The atmosphere is suddenly healthier.

But this market breathing is temporary. When the machine restarts, when “the business starts”, these same entrepreneurs will be infinitely less available, busy because they will rush and take advantage of the growth waves (and will likely be blamed for this by newcomers, such as crypto market cycles).

Either on Corner Newspaper or on community social networks, you will often be directed to “DYOR” (“Do Your Own Research”). But we will agree that the more time passes, the more difficult it is to apply this advice effectively (the sector becomes more complex, techniques and harmful approaches as well). So what you are looking at today is full of lessons. Enjoy! Of course, no one claims that all current projects have a glorious future. What is certain, however, is that the economic giants of tomorrow are honing their skills before our eyes.

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