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Crypto winter: Bitcoin in depression for an unprecedented duration?

The Big Boss of Coinbase Brian Armstrong was interviewed on the American national channel CNBC yesterday. An opportunity for the person in question to blow an icy wind on the morale of investors in Bitcoin and crypto. In fact, according to him, the current crypto winter could be of unprecedented duration this time.

Brian Armstrong shivered

Brian Armstrong the founder and big boss of the giant Coinbase, is an old man in the crypto industry and familiar with bitcoin cycles. Cycles that see alternate phases of explosive growth (“bull run ») and brutal crashes, followed by long, gloomy market periods (“ bear market » and “winter crypto »).

So the current period does not worry the regular workers of the sector. Even if we agree that the industrial disasters of recent months, with an epicenterLUNA collapse no one expected, and he clearly accelerated the events.

However, Brian Armstrong threw an extra chill. He actually explains that things might be different this time (and not in a good way).

“I hope you brought a jacket Brian Armstrong sat down with our CNBC reporter for an exclusive interview. He explains that he expects the crypto winter to last 12-18 months, but is preparing for the downturn to last even longer. »

The head of Coinbase, no more than you and me, knows everything. However, while Coinbase has thanked thousands of employeesit’s hard not to see that the entire crypto industry is preparing, with death in its soul, for a potentially long and painful hibernation.

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