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Cryptocurrency crash: Coinflex goes all-in on cryptocurrencies

TributeCryptocurrency exchange CoinFLEX will release the funds locked on its platform, when it successfully completes a all in eight figures, unless she manages to bend her former protégé who got her into trouble.

A disaster that was nameless in CoinFLEX

No name, no head on a plate! The investor is “a person of high integrity with significant assets”, the idea of ​​providing him to the press was simply unthinkable for CoinFLEX.

The cryptocurrency exchange was just a cover after all a buyer who was unable to pay a huge debta failure that deals too much of a blow to CoinFLEX, which is already weakened by adverse market conditions.

The company then had no choice but to turn off the taps to prevent the bleeding of money. She has stopped withdrawals on his platformJune 23, 2022

The measure is enough to horrify other customers who did not ask for anything. These dental tensions, however, did not justify the name of this investor “with significant holdings” in unicorns, not to mention his “large portfolio”, which was exposed to the light of day.

“It has temporary liquidity problems due to the credit (and price) crisis in the crypto markets (and non-crypto markets)”, the explanation is enough, it had to be enough.

CoinFLEX thus sacrificed itself on the altar of confidentiality, transparency that could be vital in times of crisis.

nothing shocking, business is business ? The company’s CEO, Mark Lamb, even continued to preach the good word, for men and women of little faith, the storm (maybe) just passes.

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The price of freedom for crypto exchange

“We’re turning a problem into an opportunity,” Mark Lamb said in an interview with Bloomberg on June 27, 2022.

To a unicorn owner who is unable to meet their financial obligations and to customers who are only allowed to recover their funds, CoinFLEX’s response comes in two words: make a carpet.

A crypto exchange will be issued its new rvUSD token offering 20% ​​returnsto raise a modest sum of $47 million. Bluff Or a whimsical project in an act of desperation? Subjective interpretation does not matter, the price for reopening the door to funds locked in CoinFLEX is fixed.

More money is needed to free his captive peers. The absurdity of finances when you hold us! All users of the crypto exchange will be able to withdraw their entire assets after this $47 million is raised.

From this angle, CoinFLEX’s all-in is something to think about for cryptophiles who do not drink easily the good words of the leaders of crypto companies of the future, with tomorrow still uncertain.

The bluebird was there!

The truth will set you free, unless social media pressure groups have more power even untie tongues accustomed to carrying the most difficult secrets in silence.

Mark Lamb will finally reveal in a tweet on June 28, 2022 the name of this investor, an anonymous but well-known figure in the cryptosphere, who managed to partially paralyze the CoinFLEX machine.

Roger Worm owes CoinFLEX $47 million,” the tweet is clear and unambiguous.

Posted by Mark Lamb – Source: Twitter

Mark Lamb continues by invoking the existence of a written contract to substantiate his statements, and official notice directed against founder of bitcoin.comso that he pays what is due and to whom it may concern.

Almost flattering remarks give way to a breath of hostility between a man who would deny “that the debt is about him” and CoinFLEX who, with the voice of his number one, insists and signs that “the debt is 100% connected to his account”.

Since it’s time to strike back, it’s long past time for polite conversations away from the prying eyes of, albeit legitimate, aggrieved customers.

CoinFLEX didn’t take off its gloves to hit back at Roger Ver’s claims that the company also has “debts to him.”

Crypto exchange sparks statement “ obviously false “, and now she is talking about tactics that would aim to divert attention from the responsibility of this investor, a man whom she described a few days ago as a “person of high integrity” by the company.

CoinFLEX users are currently experiencing a crash, giving users of cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius a sense of deja vu. The protocol has also suspended its withdrawal and continues to fight in the hope of finally bringing the temperature down.

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