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Dead Island 2: We Played This Long Awaited Sequel | Xbox One

11 years after the first episode, Dead Island is finally back. Made official during Opening Night Live, we were able to get a demo version during a meeting with the game team.

This version imposes one of the 6 characters that will be available throughout the game. Note that apart from different looks, they also have their own skills. In our case, our heroine can unleash a form of rage, a state where our attacks go through violent punches/claws.

Our session started at midnight on a beach, aiming to get to the center of a fun fair located on a pontoon. With no time to distract ourselves, we are quickly transported to this beach lit only by moonlight. However, we are far from alone as some zombies have also decided to come and have a little midnight swim.

A little further, once you get closer to the attraction, the excitement of the hungry dead on one side goes up a notch, on the other side many pools of blood and above all the constant laughter of a clown. The atmosphere won us over, with the demo offering remarkably beautiful lighting and colorful neon lights. However, this quality needs to be confirmed in a daylight environment, to see if the care taken is still the same.

Well surprisingly, the zombies encountered were quite varied. Already by their clothes and their appearance, we did not have the impression of finding the same model of the opponent at all costs. But this variation is also found in the enemies that can be encountered. Here, in addition to the so-called “classic” zombies, we saw much more resistant and destructive mountains of muscles, as well as electrified enemies who could then inflict additional damage on us. We also met a type of mini boss that is electric, more resistant, but above all with the ability to spread electricity to other nearby zombies until it is silenced. We can’t wait to see what else the full game has to offer us in terms of “special” zombies.

Let’s continue with the gameplay and say that we particularly liked it. The feel of the weapon is excellent. We really appreciate feeling the impact of each blow. Depending on the weapon used, whether it was a gun, a one-handed weapon or a heavy two-handed one, the sensations were different. We didn’t get to test the craft in this demo, but we had a wide range of weapons in our inventory, some of which were the result of component assembly. For example, we had access to a flaming ax for effects as well as flaming damage.

Target location isn’t negligible, the damage location seemed believable to us, as did the game’s physics, though it will take a few more hours to confirm. However, weapon damage makes zombies one-armed and by extension less dangerous. Aiming for the feet will knock enemies to the ground and slow their movement while aiming for the head will often equate to critical hits and decapitation.

Finally, we see the DNA of the series with life bars and levels of enemies, showing damage or even chocolate bars and other energy drinks to restore health.

Planned to be playable with up to 3 players in co-op, we can’t wait to expand the experience and ensure the good impression this demo leaves us with. Reply on February 3, 2023.

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