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Death can be expected to be a failure despite a big box office.

Dying can wait. A symptom of the disease affecting all cinemas in the age of Covid, it could be a failure even if it succeeds at the box office.

One of the conundrums of the pandemic may be: How to make money in the hard-hit film industry? When Dying can wait. It has grossed more than $730 million worldwide, sources close to the production have told exclusive media outlets. MGM, which is responsible for Bond, loses money as things turn out..

The latest Bondia iteration of the Craig era was one of the biggest post-pandemic box office hits this year, 2021, even earlier. Fast and Furious 9. Still, the film has been postponed several times to get a release window. This is what motivated the sources to put a gargantuan figure of 900 million dollars, to put MGM in the red and thus not to hope to generate some profit.

Here’s a sign of good luck, Ana de Armas in a nightgown with Uzi

On the side of the original interest, the production company MGM responded sharply:

“Anonymous and inaccurate sources have suggested that the film will be a financial loss. This is fundamentally baseless and simply untrue. The film far exceeded our expectations for the theatrical release, making it the biggest blockbuster ever released on the film. Global market, dethroning F9 from the post-pandemic era.” Rather than being an individual catalog enhancer.

If MMM has the film’s official figures (and therefore an idea of ​​profit or debt) in hand, it’s difficult to know who to give it to. According to these sources type, Very good information And close enough to the circles of reality to have a clear view of the final bond’s financial situation. Why MGM acts like nothing happened remains to be seen. Maybe to appease his shareholders and show himself in good health? Or just because the movie is actually a success for the studio? secret.

Death Can Wait: Photo, Lashana Lynch, Daniel CraigFortunately, Bond is starting to save.

In any case, the situation Dying can wait. It is indicative of the suffocating climate for cinema worldwide. Even box office champions like production company Marvel are not having an easy year. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings And The Eternals. At the forefront of the biggest victims of the year, we can mention Ridley Scott and his The last duel (So ​​far, about $ 23 million has paid four times the budget) or even Suicide Squad (His record stands in stark contrast to his position in HBO’s SVoD strategy).

Fortunately, fairy tales still exist.Halloween murdersAble to generate respectable income (over $130 million worldwide) for a small budget (about twenty million). A sign that you can still make good profits for certain movies, but at what cost?


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