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“Death can wait”: the 3rd biggest success in the history of James Bond

MMission accomplished for James Bond: He has no time to die It is now 3e It became the biggest worldwide hit in James Bond history with $710 million. Royal Casino And 600 million. He is behind it. SpectrumAbout 900 million and very backward. Sky Fall And the historic score of over a billion, a perfect record for James Bond. If you are disappointed when you start in the United States, Dying can wait. He ended up winning $150 million on American soil, and another regular bonus of $4 million over the weekend.

The film was almost flawless overseas as well, with Bond remaining as popular as ever: a tidal wave in England and Germany, a box office debut in France with more than 3 million admissions, and a huge hit in the Chinese market with a $28 million release. , more than the first Dunes

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The performance is even more impressive as it comes amid the global Covid pandemic – China has closed 10% of its cinemas this way. Difference. The production was so concerned that it only delayed the film’s release, with no fewer than four extensions, to wait until the fall of 2021, on a record budget of $250 million (excluding promotion), the stakes were high. And MGM, 25, went into debt to finance it.e opus, can now be blown Dying can wait. He still has a lot of potential and should continue to rack up entries. according to The Hollywood ReporterIt became the highest-grossing Hollywood film of the pandemic at the international box office. It exceeded the income Sky Fall and the Spectrum In around twenty international markets and “Universal’s highest grosser of all time in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland”, according to Specialist Journal.

4 billion in 5 films

Daniel Craig can therefore hang up his panoply with pride: he saved the day in a complicated context and once again allowed the producers to make a big hell out of his name. Guaranteed five films in the franchise’s history have amassed nearly $4 billion in worldwide box office revenue, which means if the name is gold… go for it.

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It’s clear that the next cast will be crucial to maintaining the franchise’s appeal, and although nothing has been announced before next year, the list of possible successors is only growing… Rock, who has now said he wants to replace 007 Asker How his own grandfather, the audience Peter Maivia, played evil. You only live twice, opposite Sean Connery. They’re not sure if Johnson’s bodybuilder looks fit the British 007 image.

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