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Dinan – Siltation of the Rains: “A Crime Against Future Generations”

“La Rance sea, it’s not a mud flat! “, “Now silt! », « For Rance, we want hope, no more despair! ” It’s a sound march of about sixty people who are joint members of Envases de la Rance and the Association Rance Environment Answered the call, this Saturday morning, January 8, at Saint-Samson-sur-Rance, near Dinan.

Xavier Chatelet, founder and spokesperson of the collective Les Envases de la Rennes. (The Telegram/Corentin Le Doujet)

“Everyone is worried, everyone is disappointed”

“Poly of the Wrens? We are all concerned and all disappointed,” said Sophie Duquesne-Pain, vice-president of the Rance Environment Association. The first “March of the Envoys” on December 4 in La Vicombe-sur-Rance brought together 80 people. The first solidarity 2022 showed a slightly lower participation. “We Everyone is worried, but some of us can show off”, mutters Dominique in his beard, from Plouër-sur-Rance, small spoon in one hand, and a bucket vase stamped “Zad: Zone to Destruction” in the other. “Tea- The spoon has become a symbol of our mobilization, as the tools used by the officials to destroy Rance are minimal and the operations are too slow to come,” explained the protester.

Procession of Rancid People
In Saint-Samson-sur-Rance on Saturday 8 January, the second “March of Envas” brought together about sixty participants. (The Telegram/Corentin Le Doujet)

“Stop scooping with a teaspoon! »

“Over-silting of the Rance is a crime against biodiversity, ecosystems and future generations. The situation calls for a truly ambitious de-silting plan, stop silting with a teaspoon! Xavier Chatelet, founder and spokesperson of the collective Les Envases de la Rennes, said the initiative for this monthly protest meeting. And Hammer: “Envas’ actions aim to put pressure on public services, so that they take their responsibilities and stop kicking communications for nothing”.

“The march of Envasés aims to put pressure on public services, so that they accept their responsibilities and stop kicking communications”.

See you on February 5 in Pleudihen-sur-Rance

Leaving at 10 a.m. from the parking lot of the campsite in La Hise, Beausejour, the procession, under the supervision of the gendarmerie, travels about 3 km to the town hall of Saint-Samson-sur-Rance. Songs and petitions punctuated the rally, punctuated by the “official handing over” of a teaspoon to the mayor, Loic Lorre. The latter took advantage of the megaphone to make his voice heard: “As a resident and mayor, I believe that the state must intervene to desilt the estuary. Pali Transit Center also needs to be expanded. Desilting must be a priority for EDF”. For the third “Marche des Envasés”, the meeting is given on Saturday February 5 at 10 a.m. in Pleudihen-sur-Rance, a place not yet defined.

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