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Does James Bond of “Dying Can Wait” still look like Ian Fleming’s hero?

Cinema – James Bond was born in It was under the pen of Ian Fleming and his first novel in 1953. Royal Casino. The English author, who became a naval intelligence officer during World War II, wrote 14 volumes of the adventures of Agent 007 – including 2 published posthumously.

Dying can wait., is the 25th film inspired by the work when the entire saga is available on myCanal this Saturday, April 16 at 9:05 p.m. But does Daniel Craig’s James Bond still look like the hero envisioned by his “father”?

In the 2h45 feature film directed by Kari Joji Fukunaga (Maniac, a beast without a nationDaniel Craig, alias James Bond, comes out of his sweet retirement in Jamaica to face his greatest enemies: Blofeld (Christoph Walt), the leader of the criminal organization Spectre, and especially Safin (Rami Malek), who possess terrifying technological devices…

If the retired James Bond were in slacks and sneakers instead of a tuxedo, the essentials of the genre would seem to be there: spectacular chases, intense shootouts, gadgets and huge landscapes, from Norway to Jamaica and the south of Italy. But Dying can wait. It also shows the spy, more human and fallible than ever, deeply in love with Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux). Spectrum.

James Bond, who has already suffered in the books

“This tormented, dark and vulnerable side is already very present in fiction. Daniel Craig as Timothy Dalton before him [Tuer n’est pas jouer et Permis de tuer, ndlr]borrow a lot from Ian Fleming’s character,” he responds HuffPost Guillaume Yvin, author of books on cinema and French James Bond specialist. Fleming plays on two records: he portrays the fearsome, relentless, practical and reliable killer, but in practice he portrays a neurotic, emotional and multi-faceted man.

In the books, James Bond is in love with two women: Vesper Lynd, from Fleming’s very first novel (played by Eva Green in the film adaptation), and Countess Tracy Di Vicenzo, who appears in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. “The first one kills himself, the other one is killed on their wedding day with James Bond, and these injuries have taken a toll on him,” our interviewer detailed.

Yet for the “Bondologist” the “artichoke heart” side of the character Dying can wait. After Vesper Lynd’s death, he falls madly in love with Madeleine Swan again, disloyal to the historical hero. “This portrayal of a strong man with a soft heart is wrong. We become emotional and lose sight of the 00 inch.

Also, in the novel, James Bond was anything but likable. “The jump by Ian Fleming is very frustrating every day. He avoids social dinners, cocktails, never goes to the cinema. “Bulldozer, crude form of work and lack of method,” said the author Once upon a time James Bond A fictional biography of the most famous secret agent.

Nicola Dove © 2021 DANJAQ, LLC and MGM. all rights reserved Daniel Craig aka James Bond and Ana de Armas in “Can Die Waiting”.

Nicola Dove © 2021 DANJAQ, LLC and MGM. all rights reserved

Daniel Craig’s cold humor

In addition to the physical mismatch – in this game, the closest was the tall and athletic Sean Connery – there are other things missing in the character played by Daniel Craig. in Dying can wait.If the hero goes down on the traditional vodka-martini, for example, we don’t see him eating. “There are many pages in Fleming’s novels devoted to the pleasures of the flesh. Good wine, good food, scrambled eggs with good herbs… the elegant and refined side we found at Roger Moore,” explains the expert.

Finally, without a touch of British humor Dying can wait.New characters like Ana de Armas as Paloma, a not-so-intelligent CIA spy in Cuba, or Lashana Lynch as Agent Nomi, 007’s new owner of MI-6, determined to remember her ex. that it is expired.

“It’s true that we haven’t been in an all-out joke since Craig’s days. We have a colder sense of humor, which matches his character. On the contrary, in the books, Bond always ping-pong with words, with his friend Felix Leiter, with women, but with his enemies. He likes his little words because he knows he can annoy and frustrate his enemies like that.” Gillam remembers Evie.

In the completed fifteen years of service Dying can wait. Daniel Craig “brings his own personality, but like all the actors before him, he is drawn from the ‘Flemingian’ hero, and the scriptwriters expand, modify or destroy many of the complex elements of the hero created in 1963.” The passing of time.

And as the name of Daniel Craig’s successor to wear the James Bond costume is announced, the eternal game of similarities and differences begins again.

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